Hospital visit


Yesterday I went to the doctors because I had a terrible cold that made morning sickness worse. She’s a really good doctor and she does quite a few checks as routine. My stomach was very tender (more than it apparently should have been) and she asked the last time I felt movement and tbh I hadn’t really thought about it but the baby usually kicks once a day because my baby is TEMPERAMENTAL. Doesn’t like a sound? Kick. Doesn’t like a food? A sensation? And the baby’s number one pet peeve is scans and having their privacy invaded (through scans etc). But I realised it’d been about 4 days since I’d felt movement… I hadn’t realised it before because my cold had been so bad I – as selfish as it sounds – had been really focused on me and my cold.

GC and I were so terrified we’d lost the baby. We were in tears, he stayed strong but I was crying so often, apologising for losing his baby and begging him not to hate me (thank you bpd). I was a mess.

It took ages to get through A and E. But an ultrasound and doppler later and I have a healthy, alive – if not somewhat fidgety – baby. That is why GC started getting upset.

So least whilst the story is short, there is a happy ending.


4 thoughts on “Hospital visit

    • Yeah sorry. I told this to someone who didn’t like hearing about miscarriages and she got mad so I figured there is a slight worry so I’ll put a warning on aha. All good though. Mummy and baby fine.

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