Just one more day

Mornings tend to be easier for me sickness-wise. This morning however I’ve woken up feeling pretty sick. It would be one of those days where I really do just want to stay in bed and funnily enough, I know a few more hours in bed would probably help me but I can’t bare staying at home with SIL1. Especially as recently all she and GC have done is passive aggressively get back at each other. I’d say I’m stuck in the middle but I’m not. Of course I side with GC but I actually, by his side, tend to get blamed for this tension because they believe it wasn’t there before but GC tells me differently and I actually don’t fuel this fire. I’ve many times tried to calm it down.

I don’t actually mind having to get up early everyday, I also am not that bothered by the 5 minute walk or the 5 minute wait for the bus into town and I really enjoy bus rides. The worst part of my morning is the 15-20 minute wait in town for the next bus. If I get a later bus into town, it’s likely I’ll miss the bus to my dad’s so I have no choice. Where the bus stop is also means I don’t have much time to go to a shop to keep warm. The shops that are around I could keep warm in are a 3-5 minute walk in the opposite direction which means I could barely wait in them before I’d have to leave again. If it’s windy, the wind hits the bus stop pretty bad to make it extra cold.

When I don’t want to face this because I’ve been feeling ill or run down, I’ll text my dad at 7:30am to pick me up. If I don’t text by 8:30am, he’s head home from dropping my brother off and I have to get the bus. Today would have been one of those days where I probably would have text him but I used one of my pick ups (I give myself max 2 a week unless I have been very ill) and tomorrow my dad is picking GC and I up at 9am for my first sonogram.

I’m not entirely sure how I feel. I am just glad I will get visual confirmation if I’m pregnant because when I first found out I was pregnant, I looked up false positives and there are a few things that can cause false positives which is why I don’t think I’ve truly wrapped my head around the idea I’m pregnant.

For the first scan, you have to drink I think it’s 2 litres of non-caffeinated drink about an hour before the scan. Now I’ve actually had the type of scan to check my ovaries etc and it wasn’t the easiest to not go to the bathroom then. But now, when I’m pretty sure the baby is pressing on my bladder (or at least something is) I can barely have a sip of a drink without needing the toliet 5 minutes later so holding this is going to be hard.

GC has been stressed about work and has been looking forward to this all week. I have too but once I am on the second bus to my dad’s I don’t consider myself too stressed out. I’ll post pictures of the scan tomorrow.


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