The Estrogen & Lamictal Equation

For all those on Lamotrigine/Lamiticial

Disorderly Chickadee

Any woman taking Lamictal/Lamotrigine has seen the warnings about interactions with hormonal birth control (aka HBC). Taking The Pill reduces blood levels of lamotrigine by 40%-60%. Estrogen (specifically ethinyl estradiol) is the culprit, and it’s one of the body’s most powerful mood-altering substances. I jest not.

By the way, I wish women’s hormonal variability and resultant discomforts could be inflicted upon every single man on the planet – let’s say a year minimum, plus a month for every single ignorant “joke” or inappropriate comment about women’s reproductive systems. Would you like to be repeatedly publicly ridiculed about your normal bodily functions? No? Alrighty then, STFU or I’ll spike your beer with estrogen and then we’ll see who’s laughing.

Anyway. What you won’t find anywhere on the web (except in a short mention on CrazyMeds) is how lamotrigine interacts with natural hormonal cycles, which involve substantial variability. I dare you…

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