The 24 hour job

Sometimes I wanna quit this all and become an accountant now
But I’m no good at math and besides the dollar is down

I don’t think I mentioned my month long, unsuccessful job hunt. Well it briefly came to an end after finding a job ad for a printing firm on Facebook. I got asked for an interview and well… that’s when things began to go not so well.

So the people running it were a husband and wife and they seemed perfectly nice… just unsure of what the job was actually supposed to be or the pay but since they had told me the hours, I didn’t mind so much that they didn’t know the ins and outs of the job. It was either 9-2pm or 10-3pm which both worked perfectly for me. Anyway, so I had the interview on the Monday and when I hadn’t heard by Wednesday night I figured it was safe to assume I wouldn’t be working until Monday since they don’t do weekends because you can’t just call a new hire in 30 mins after they’re supposed to be there and making them work on a Friday didn’t make much sense… did it? Well, that’s what they did.

It doesn’t take me long to reset my sleep schedule but for the time being I was going sleep between 4-7am… Thursday I went to sleep around 6-7am meaning that I wouldn’t wake up until probably 11am and then not get out of bed for a few more hours but my dad and I had made plans to go to, I don’t know what you’d describe it as but maybe the best word is another county, that was 30 mins away from where we lived. We said we’d go at about midday, so I got up at 11:40am and because I know if I sit in front of my phone or computer I wouldn’t be changed in time because I’d keep convincing myself I’d have time so I changed and before I went to do my hair (this is all unnecessary detail) I decided to check my phone at 11:50-ish am and a text was on it.

It was sent at 10:39 am that morning asking me to come in ‘today and tomorrow’ (meaning Thurs and Friday) from 10-2pm apparently I was on a trial basis for a few days so maybe my hours could have increased. Anyway, so I went in and I was told what to do. This job was a printing distributor, they printed business cards and leaflets etc and my first job was cellotaping the card holders and well I cut up my thumb pretty bad on the rough edge of the cellotape holder because I was trying to do it as fast as the boss who had shown me.

My next job was typing in addresses on Parcel Force and lemme tell you, that job is actually pretty hard because most people’s addresses that they give to people aren’t what Parcel Force has. I have gained a lot of sympathy for them when people tell them about wrong addresses on their packages. I then had to print the address labels out.

I then had to fix up boxes which I couldn’t do so this guy helped me do it and then we packed the boxes and put the labels on them and I went back between that and writing addresses. I also had to make tea which I thought I sucked at making but they said it was nice (could have been a lie).

So the job was pretty much down. Anyway, it was getting up to 2pm and I was in the middle of a job and my dad was picking me up but I figured he wouldn’t mind waiting 15 minutes anyway when I’d done, the wife gave me more addresses to print of labels for. So at 2:30pm I asked when I ended and she said 4pm, I said “what?? no I was told 2pm” and she said “could you stay ’till 3pm” and I didn’t think I could say no. So I stayed but I was pissed off. Then she asked whether from now on I could work 10-4pm everyday which is basically a full time job (because it added up to 35hrs which according to google is full time) when I was originally told it was part time. There were two positions – 1 temporary work, one permanent part time… no idea which of the two I got there. Plus I had not been told about pay or made to sign any form of contract including no health and safety forms. Now considering when I was 15 parents had to sign a health and safety form so you could go to the cinema with the school, I thought that was a little scary especially since I was working with heavy boxes and big cutting tools.

So all Friday night I was stressing out about it, I mean how come they could just keep changing my hours and days (supposed to be 10-2pm Tues to Fri) with no warning without giving me a contract or telling me my wages or anything that would make the work legit. Now when I become stressed, I tend to simultaneously become anxious and depressed and that jumps to suicidal ideation and when you think about it for too long you begin think of actually doing it so I figured the best thing to do for both my mental and physical well being was to quit my job. Welcome to the 24 hours job.

I hadn’t signed any contract so all it took was a text and since I am an actual coward I took my sim card out my phone with no wish to ever read the response. I guess I will one day when there’s been no backlash but for now, sweet denial.


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