Psychometric Results.

A summary:

Verbal Comprehension Index – High average
Perpeptual reasoning index – Average

Working memory index – average
Processing speed index – Low average
Full Scale IQ – Average (not interpretable due to large discrepancy between the highest and lowest scores – 30 points discrepency)
General ability index – Average (optional composite summary score that is less sensitive to influence of working memory and processing speed and as working memory and processing speed are vital to comprehensive evaluation of cognitive ability General ability index does not have the coverage FSIQ has).

– I was going to write a full post about it all but I don’t think anyone would care enough to read it. So I’ll just summarise the summary.

My verbal reasoning abilities are much more developed than nonverbal reasoning abilities. My ability to sustain attention, concentration and exert mental control is in average range. Due to variability caution is recommended when interpreting scores and a closer look a individual subtests is warranted. My ability to process simple, routine visual material without making errors is in low average range when compared to peers. A closer look at subtests is recommended.

I changed my name out for first person pronouns.


2 thoughts on “Psychometric Results.

    • I think it was like the scores were average, not that I was average overall. The problem was that since I had such a big variation between my cognitive skills there was no accurate portrayal to how I was.

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