Do professionals do all they can to help us?

I recently got talking to a friend about her brother who has left mainstream school due to bullying and is now being home-schooled and their mother wants to get the brother into ‘Hospital school’ like my friend went to due to her aspergers, anxiety, depression etc.

So my immediate thought when I read “hospital school” and nothing else, I thought: “Is that what [EH] went to when she was in Oakham house?” but when I read that her brother might get in there, I researched it. They tend to find some students in psychiatric hospitals but mainly students who are too ill to go to mainstream school go there. Since I’d never been recommended I thought it was just for compulsory education which at the time EH was going to school would have been around the age of 16 but now for her brother would be 18. So I researched it. Turns out most of these hospital schools work up until the age of 19 which is when free education ends (allowing students who repeat a year to still get free education). People who also work with outreach can also go there and they can stay for as long as necessary. So my question is: why wasn’t I recommended? Which sounds like a childish way of looking at it but it’s true. Why was I not given that option? Why have I not been given any option? Why are they making me feel bad about not doing anything but not offering anything up for me? I know they have stuff on offer, I see them in the leaflets on the wall that they offer all this stuff up to people. The reason I never sign up for any of it is because they say “adults” and “children” – not on the same poster, on different ones and I’m not sure where I rate on that scale. So going on this point: I’d say no, they don’t do all they can to help.

As far as I see it, I’m actually being pawned off onto various people so they don’t do their work. My consultant is seeing me less and less and telling my doctor to fulfil my repeat prescription.  Miss D doesn’t have to do that emotional, PTSD, compassion, EMDR thing any more since she’s signing me off to a psychologist who is going to do CBT with me… Tangent: but did I mention the appointment with the male psychologist got cancelled and instead a few days after I was supposed to see the male psychologist, I’m seeing a female one. I can’t remember their names but that’s how I remember it. Anyway, they are also sending me for a ‘second opinion’. OH! I don’t think I mentioned that! So that’s most likely them pawning me completely off their service. So despite all these fancy words suggesting this will help me and is better. I kind of get the sneaking suspicion they want rid of me.

If I’m repeating myself, please stop me, but I really don’t think i mentioned this. They decided they needed a second opinion… But need a second opinion on what? Medication, treatment, what? It’s kind of frustrating.



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