So hypomania improves my driving?

Bipolar outreach decided to take me on and I am officially off CAMHS though I am supposed to call and say ‘good bye’ because here’s what happened:

The original plan was Miss D picks me up from outside college at 8:15am, she never came because she went to the wrong school so we missed the appointment with CAMHS so I couldn’t sign off that way. My dad drove me home which usually would have been great but the electricity has been fucking up so we didn’t have much heat or anything to do. Then I went to the appointment and one of the things I liked was she asked how I felt about bipolar as a diagnosis. I don’t fully believe bipolar is my diagnosis or that there is anything wrong necessary but if I was to say something was wrong I would say it was bipolar. It’s a difficult thing to be asked which is why I guess I should be more sympathetic when she asked my dad and he just blurted out some ridiculous answer. She seems nice but I just have this annoying gut feeling saying there is something off about her. Maybe it was anxiety since my dad was on the room but I just feel like there is something off about her. Basically the only interesting things I learnt were:

  • I’m off CAMHS and onto an Adult service.
  • If abilify doesn’t work it’s lamicital is next.
  • If the periods of uncomfortable, mind breaking restlessness doesn’t stop there is a medication (addictive) that can be taken to stop these periods.
  • This is a long hypomanic episode for me.
  • My blood pressure is lower today than it has been in recent days.
  • Measure weight every week *coughs* nope *coughs*

As for driving, I’ve had 11 lessons. The last 3 (which is 3 weeks) approximately is the length of this hypomanic episode have been my best driving lessons so far. When you’re not preoccupied with trying to drive the car into a tree to kill yourself, you can be a good driver or at least a reasonable learner driver. Just need a hypomanic episode for my actual driving test and I’m ace.

I think overall the day has been okay and the electricity is somewhat on now.


6 thoughts on “So hypomania improves my driving?

  1. You are going to try Abilify now Munchkin? What makes you think bipolar may be a miss?

    I can see hypomania being better for driving to a point, you are certainly more aware and react faster. As long as you don’t take risks or stop to squirt annoying drivers with sanitizer. πŸ˜‰

    • Yep abilify is this one I’m on now. Currently on the low-ish dose of 10mg.
      I don’t know, I just think maybe there is nothing wrong. Aside from occasionally feeling depressed. Maybe I’m just in denial.

      Can’t squirt people with sanitizer?! Why do people even bother to drive? πŸ˜‰

  2. hey, I’m new here and I caught your blog. love your last post. I have schizo-affective bipolar disorder. Or at least that’s what they tell me.
    Anyway, just wanted to hello!

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