Bipolar outreach?

I say a lot about the universe and it’s alignment with my life. I mean if you’ve been watching the new Sherlock Holmes series you’ll see that the universe is rarely so sloppy as to create coincidences but there is no other way to explain these things.

Remember that girl I met EH, she uses Autism Outreach for aspergers and I learnt this a few months ago and aside from my brother and my dad (sorta) no one knows about her aspergers or that she uses Autism Outreach and yesterday I am offered a place under Bipolar Outreach. Universal sloppiness, anyone?

It was explained to me that in six months CAMHS would have had to look for another place for me to go to, like adult services but like I said six months away. So why the sudden offer on the table? Why didn’t they put this offer on the table several months ago? Well, to explain the suddenness I would have to point the finger at my father who pissed my psychiatrist off (or possibly scared him) by threatening to take action against him for not having the blood tests but prescribing a 1g dose of Carbamzepine that caused blurred vision, ataxia and dizziness which has caused this last week to be relatively school-less. Though the official reason is my brand of recent mania has sounded on the verge of a full psychotic episode, any truth to that? Maybe. But I didn’t think so. Though crazy doesn’t know they’re crazy, so maybe I am verging on psychosis. But what are the benefits?

I’d have a consultant to manage my medications. No more CAMHS. No more psychiatrist. She’s nearer, no more going all the way across town. It’s a woman which not sound like a man-hater, I did want a girl so I’d feel more comfortable talking about birth control, medication fucking up my period cycle and basically girl things. My consultant and therapy in the same building. An on hand team for the emergency I am so obviously heading for… Well, according to everyone except me. Personally I’ve never felt better. They stay with me for  3 years and if at the end of the 3 years I’m ready to be on my own then that’s what happens, if I’m not they continue.  I’m listing the pros right now and I don’t actually see many benefits…  Maybe I shouldn’t have spent so much time in my own world when they were explaining because I must have thought it was a good idea if I agreed to it, so there must have been more points than that.

I have a CAMHS appointment on Wednesday, possibly my last and a meeting with the consultant two hours later which mean I have to spend time in the waiting room by myself as my dad isn’t coming till the actual meeting time and Miss D is taking me to both appointments, not that anyone was in a happy mood in Friday’s appointment. Well I suppose I was but more giddy than anything else.

WillI I decide whether I’m happy with the consultant on Wednesday? Will the consultant decide she’s ready to take me on? All will be revealed on Wednesday’s blog.


10 thoughts on “Bipolar outreach?

      • Not too shabby right now! Have just spent an hour in the garden pruning 🙂 Some people go on shopping sprees, I go on pruning sprees. I love my plants. We had a nasty heat wave here last week, with a few days of 44 degrees Celsius (111 Fahrenheit) and some of my shrubs literally had a top layer of leaves burnt brown. My poor babies 😦 Still, they’ve been trimmed and fertilized, so hopefully they’ll bounce back soon.
        I get huge pleasure from my garden. Even on really low days, I sometimes go outside and just look at my plants. Simply gazing upon them is a balm to my heart.

        • Well pruning sprees are better than shopping sprees. You’re helping the garden, rather than hurting your bank account so obviously a positive.
          I read on your blog you live in Australia, are you safe from the fires? I know 44 degrees in really hot, I sorry about your shrubs.I just hope you are okay 🙂 I wish your shrubs the best and all of your garden the best and hopefully they survive this weather 🙂
          I wish I had something like a garden to give me pleasure even on low days but I’m so glad you have your garden 🙂 x

          • Thank you so much for your concern 🙂 Yes, my husband and I, and all my family, are safe from the fires though the two states most of us live in have been the hardest hit. There are still fires raging, lives and homes being lost, and I’m sure by the end of it we’ll all have some connection with those affected … but in the meantime, temperatures are falling (yay!), our firefighters are being heroic (yay! yay!) and things are beginning to turn around.
            You have a good day too XX
            And – if you don’t mind my saying so – it’s very touching that someone in America knows how bad things have been in Australia this week! Thank you.

            • I am so glad to hear your temperature is falling and I hope no one gets hurt. I mean losing your house is bad enough but losing your life would be so much worse and I just hope you’re okay and everyone you know.

              You’re very welcome but I’m not from America, I’m from England 🙂 I’ve been following the Australia situation because it’s so worrying and I just hope the temperature drops to a reasonable temperature soon xx

              • So sorry to have made that mistake! Bloody assumptions 🙂
                BTW did you hear about two of your cricket team saving a bloke who was about to commit suicide the other week? It was a great story.
                And … thanks for letting us have the Ashes back! 🙂

  1. Today, I went to the beach with my children. I found a sea shell and gave it to
    my 4 year old daughter and said “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.”
    She placed the shell to her ear and screamed. There was a hermit crab inside and it pinched her
    ear. She never wants to go back! LoL I know this is completely off topic but I had to tell someone!

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