Happy birthday to me.

*hands around cake and balloons*

It’s my birthday today – 11th of October and I am 17. I can now drive. Actually my provisional license came last Saturday. My first driving lesson is on the 23rd of October.

Before I tell you how my birthday went I think I should confess something… for a while – I’m not going to say how many days since it is different for everyone – I have not been taking my medication and my dad has had doubts but hasn’t fully realised I haven’t been taking it. I just wanted a happy birthday and I was hoping mania would be the prevailing emotion. Since the medication hasn’t *quite* worn off yet, I’ve had bouts of both. I know, I know. Irresponsible. But I’ve had less hair falling out since stopping, I’ve lost weight and my memory is slightly better. I’ve started taking it again which is probably more bad than good but here we are. Anyway, my birthday:

I thought it was going to be crap but I woke up to birthday cards and my dad is paying for driving lessons and my brother gave me Β£5. It got a little bad with my English teacher hating me because my brother is in the class of year 10’s that annoy her and then my brother didn’t turn up for the detention she gave the class so she wrote a letter home to my dad. Even though she knew it was my birthday which put a damper on things. But then things got a lot better. My friend gave me birthday presents (which included: a book called Briar Rose, chocolates, face masks and cookies) and even a cake. I hung out with some new people and I mean I did feel nervous at points (mania did actually come into play a bit so that might be why it went better) but then the pain from my second molars coming through (the ones you’re supposed to get at age 13) got worse when I was chilling out with some of my friend’s friends (and my friend) so I took a painkiller and decided just to text as I’d calmed down considerably. Then I had a lesson but I wasn’t picked on to answer a question so that is something and it didn’t go so badly – I even got something right everyone else got wrong.

My dad then took me to Mcdonalds (I know, not exactly a 5 star place but what you going to do? πŸ˜‰ ) Β where mania raised it’s head again but I managed to keep it under control. Then I played cards with my dad and brother (my brother won once and I won once) and catching up with a friend I haven’t spoken to in years. I feel weird because we were best friends at one point but now I’m worried that we won’t get on or she will/is finding me annoying.
I’m starting coursework in English language but luckily we only have 4 days next week due to teacher training day and then half term so I can rest up because school is really taking it out of me.

11 thoughts on “Happy birthday to me.

  1. Wow, happy birthday! It’s been a long time since our last chat. Take care, friend! Wishing you more blessings, more happiness and healthier body!God bless.. πŸ™‚


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