Every computer has it’s day.

I apologise in advance for any obvious autocorrect fails and misspellings, you see I have to write on my phone due to my computer being broken. It’s stuck in a boot loop and can go into safe mode and stuff and then dmw.exe (I think????) won’t load and basically I need to get that fixed. But it’s a lot of money, we’re probably looking in the £80 to £100 range. See, the donate button isn’t actually for money grabbing purposes. It is literally to help aid my studying.

School is going as well as it can, still struggling to keep up. I have two tests tomorrow – law and psychology – psychology I’m not too worried about but law I am because whilst Mr Dennis (criminal law) teacher is very nice, Mr Osbourne (civil law) tend to not be and I don’t actually want to feel stupid.

I had my psychiatrist appointment and my dose has been upped to 1500mg or 1.5g to people who prefer working like that. I also found I am on the waiting for psychometric tests and he’s going to try and get me bumped up a bit due to how hard school is. Which is good.

I’m having to buy school books now, in average £20 per book and 3-4 books. £60 to £80 and then having to buy ‘around the topic reading materials’ which are also just as expensive.

So life is expensive and monotonous at the moment and I feel ill.

Wish me luck on the 50% increase of dosage. Especially my hair. My poor hair…


4 thoughts on “Every computer has it’s day.

  1. Good Luck Munchkin 🙂 on the tests and the dosage.

    Can you find used books at a lower price?
    When my computer acts up.. I get a hammer… My room mate Megan sees it and fixes my computer right away… lol.. you need a hammer.. oh wait, a Megan too.

    I bet it is a reload that will fix it.


    • No seen effects of the dosage. Though I’ve had the flu so I wouldn’t know what’s what.

      Unfortunately not as the new editions we need were bought out this year.

      You are so lucky to have Megan. I’m pretty good with computers. I’ve fixed the last several problems with it but I think it’s more driver related than anything else And there this whole warranty thing on some of the drivers I had replaced and I didn’t want to break the warranty by playing with them.


  2. I wish you oodles & tons of luck my little yellow friend!! if you don’t know where the phrase “my little yellow friend” is from then you will have to watch some Pink Panther movies which are so stupid you will upchuck your lunch with laughing. Cheers!

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