The next two years

I walked into school with JLS after meeting her outside of school and it turns out she had pretty much forgotten the whole party thing so we were good. So we went into the already crowded sports hall where I had an almost-panic-attack but I held it back thinking I didn’t want to have a panic attack on my first day, I mean how embarrassing would that be?

They then went onto a speech about GCSEs which my brother is starting and to explain them again. GCSE stands for General Certificate of Secondary Education which basically means you’ve got through education and the grades depend what level of education D-G means you’re on level one and not really employable, C-A* is level 2 and more desired and required to do level 3 which would be A levels which is what I am doing now. But he said that our results met the school target of 80% of students getting a C or above in English and Maths (we got 81% – yay us…)

They also explained that how if we have good attendance, we get rewards like meal tickets and free wifi and how attendance is really our thing to keep up or they’ll throw us out since we weren’t in compulsory education any more but I disagree because we are given two choices “School or apprenticeships” and I couldn’t stand the idea of working.

Basically it was boring and welcoming but then they said “ok guys you are on a two day induction, go to your house (yes we have a pathetic house system like Harry Potter – except Harry Potter houses were cool and ours is not) and collect a timetable”. My first lesson (or fourth period) was free and after that was lunch so JLS and I walked to Sainsburys which is like supermarket in England but it’s more of the expensive kind but I don’t think it matters too much to them because in all seriousness when you are the nearest supermarket to three schools you are going to do well and that is just a fact.

But period 6 was ‘The Game’ which is basically where they explained that the education system is designed to create losers and how we recognise losers and how if our friends are losers we need to get out because loserness is contagious. Basically saying that from here on out it is a sink or swim situation but the teachers are pretty willing to help you out. Scaring the living daylights out of me was probably the best way to start back at school.

Period 7 was Student Voice and Extension Courses which is basically where they introduced this like council of people and said that they are our council and we can talk to them about issues in the school etc but the Extension Courses were the only thing worth going for. The idea is that everything is now competitive – job markets, universities etc so we need something to put us on top and so the school has made it compulsory to pick up something extra to write about on personal statements for UCAS next year. Anything from ceramics to DoE but that is going to take up some of free periods. Which at this point the day ended and I was glad of it.

The next day I didn’t know where to go so I wandered around until I found out from JLS that there is a form room sheet posted down the hall and that my form room had changed so I went upstairs and found out I didn’t even need to go there which is when I found SK who I think is upset with me but she won’t say anything as she is in all my sessions and we went into a talk about University from a guy from our local university and he showed us courses we might like and basically to sum up the only useful talk of this day: we have to think of what university we want to go to and then pick 2-4 others, we have to work hard and get A levels and we have to not burn out in the process – I’m sorry wait that was my exact thought in this session.

Then we had writing skills which was teaching us how to take notes but I didn’t very much like the person holding the session as he picked on me and only me even though throughout the whole session he only picked people with their hands up. People like that are the worst sort of people. Either pick on people all through the lesson or pick on people with their hands up. Do not change. It is not funny to humiliate people. Then to the library for a survey on studying which I know for a fact everyone lied on. Then a house session teaching us that aside from everything else that we have to take part in after school house sessions picking from a range of activities from basketball to bake offs.

To sum up: I’m screwed.


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