First day back

I go in later than my brother and what do I do with that extra time? Have a hearty breakfast of a wagonwheel which if you don’t know what that it is a chocolate circle filled with mallow and in the good brands there is like jam and it’s very nice. I’m not talking to my dad as he had one of his emotionally abusive episodes last night and if the past few years has been any track record we won’t speak for a few days then he will apologise and then buy me things to make up for it.

Yesterday Miss D put positive cognitions in my head for school which despite all my griping made me feel a little bit more confident and less anxious about going back to school and into a crowded sports hall. But I talked to JLS and we’re going to meet at 10:40am so we can chat and I can have a few minutes to get used to the surroundings and because literally aside from meeting in the sports hall no one in my year knows what is going on and then in the sports hall should be a lot of fun.

I’m a little depressed but I am Β very, very stressed and anxious which probably explains the excess hair loss this morning. I mean it is literally coming out in chunks and I have bald patches and a burn on my foot which is completely irrelevant but it is annoying, not quite as to the same level as losing my hair and having bald patches but close…. well not close but you get the idea.

Wish me luck!


6 thoughts on “First day back

  1. I wish you luck and am so sorry about the hair loss!!!! My hair is thin thin thin and I want to get extensions but it seems like a lot of trouble and I have to move and that is so expensive so I think I will just spend my money on living. Dammit!! Life is expensive. I want to go back to wasting money and being irresponsible. Maybe I could ,move in with my Mom and Dad. Wouldn’t that be attractive? Their 40 something year old daughter reverting back to childhood. But damn would I have a lot of money.

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