Results Day

SO I got:

A* in Religious Education

A in english language

A in English Literature

A in Health (possible A*)

B in Science Core

B in Science Additional

B in History

C in Maths

One the one hand I got brilliant grades in year 10 so it was easy to make this up. On the other I was dealing with bipolar disorder, PTSD and chronic insomnia through most of it so thank God for mania and hypomania. I PASSED! HAHA YESS! But wasn’t completely happy because everyone did better than me… I suppose however it could have gone worse and due to the medication I can prove myself better in A levels so in terms of long term it was a complete success.

ON the other hand, I have to go back in tomorrow because there wasn’t a sign and the two teachers who smiled and made eye contact with me didn’t fucking tell me I have to go and sign out of GCSEs like it was some sort of bad social networking site that I signed up for in the first place and get my subject information for next year because no fucker told me what I was supposed to do and I was nervous and awkward. So on my way to EMDR tomorrow I have to stop by school. Not in the mood for EMDR at the moment so I will just talk about exam results. So yes, another anxiety filled night as I have to go into school tomorrow but this time looking like a twat.


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