Catch up

okay. You get one free hit, I have been very bad at keeping my blog updated. Though to be fair my internet has been poor for about a week so… not that it’s an excuse but yeah it is an excuse.

Main question I guess you’re thinking is how am I?

Moods are still a bit… well I go down quite a bit but I find they are more triggered. Like for the past two days I have been depressed because I found out my dad is drinking again but if my brother and I are in a room together for long enough mania can sprout forward and entertain us all for a bit.

Healthwise, I’ve been ill for again the past week. I think it’s because I have hit the 1000mg mark of sodium valproate and my liver just has found it’s tipping point. My hair is falling out, my stomach is upset, my cognitive skills are snail speed so overall I’d say not great.

Socially? no, can’t we avoid that topic. Okay… okay… okay… OKAY! Stop badgering me, I’ll tell you. I haven’t left the house much still. I did email SK so that was something, well she emailed first but I emailed back very promptly. I did not go to JLS’ birthday party because I frankly didn’t like the way she treated me over the holidays with the fact she text me once when she needed me and then ignored my weeks worth of messages until Thursday at which point my technology was not really working. I feel bad, I do but like she even cares.

Future events: I have exam results coming out next Thursday and probably going to pick them up at 10am, my depression starts at 10:01am and the depression continues until the moment I have to drag my sorry butt out of bed. I also have to be dragged around town, shopping for clothes and other things one might need at a school. Which I can pretty much predict is the usual: go, get bored, have fun, get yelled at, get into argument with parent routine. Also, filling in papers to get my drivers licence – well provisional. But still, I could have a licence by Christmas and I can drive my brother to school and the beach. It’s pretty much the most exciting thing I’ve got going on right now.

PTSD – nightmares every single night. Flashbacks every other day, sort of thing. Not much change. Not much EMDR.

So how are you?


6 thoughts on “Catch up

    • It’s lasting a while and it is coming back curly but not the nice curly like I was hoping, sort of like it looks frizzy but isn’t and is curled up and dead at the ends.

      I will start around my birthday which is October (11th) šŸ™‚ Can’t wait.

      Well, I’ve had two appointments in a so far in a roughly 10 week summer, I have one next week which is where she wants to start doing EMDR things. Which I don’t mind but the week after I have school and she said she wants to start on the big stuff and if I start I can’t stop and preferably I don’t want to do it on the first week of school. She basically makes therapy work for her and not me.

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