Psycho-what tests?!

Another appointment with the pdoc today and up the dose again goes. 1g, 1000mg of sodium valproate. Which is basically the final level since my liver plasm (or something) is at 89 and the max level is 100 and he doesn’t want to push it. I’ve never gotten 1000 of anything before so that’s pretty awesome or the final level, without my brothers help… well I had to start somewhere.

I’ll tell you what has both Mr pdocman and Miss D baffled though is how, on 1g of sodium valproate my concentration seems to be as bad as it is. I argue memory issues but nope everyone is firmly set on my concentration being terrible and I guess maybe they have a point. I still argue my memory is pretty fucking bad though.

So my pdoc has ordered up a round of psychologist with a side of psychosomething tests. Basically they’re a bunch of tests that will test memory and concentration to see if it’s actually not something else fucking with them and if then do I need another set of pills to help with my concentration… I never realised mental illness was so hard.

Now ideally for everyone involved it would be best they were done before the end of August; before school. Also long enough away so that we could make sure the medication actually works and helps but obviously that’s not to be. My doctor also asked if when I was at the mental hospital (for the short time as everyone so helpfully points out) did I have an MRI or an EMG or EMF… I don’t think EMF was actually one. I think supernatural is coming into play here. Unfortunately my memories not only get lost but end up swirled together but it makes for some stuttering and awkward conversations and who doesn’t love that? Anyway, so I’m thinking the pdoc is already cooking up a theory as to what’s up with my noggin (my physicans, they never tell you anything). So my question is (and will plague me till I have an answer): What is Mr pdocman thinking is wrong this time?



12 thoughts on “Psycho-what tests?!

  1. you are an alien from mars and he is wondering how you slipped past the security at the train station. πŸ˜‰

    So no testing for me, no hands on.. but PTSD will do this. Cause concentration problems Munchkin. I am not saying this is the case but it is one possibility. Sodium valproate side effects can include concentration difficulties as well.

    As always, don’t try to self diagnose, though we all do, let them, hopefully discover why as it could be many things, or a combination of things.

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