Family and the heat

It depends what sort of abode you live in to how grateful you are for the heat. I am not very grateful at all. It is too hot and too sunny which is why – what with me being a vampire an’ all – I like to hide out in my room but then my room becomes too hot so I go out of my room and find fans. But now I have a fan in my room so I don’t have to leave, at least I hope I don’t but my laptop gets soo hot.

I saw my family today, whenever I see my family I want to wear this shirt:
tumblr_mpbza4i7HD1rxvkrmo1_500Well usually. But when it is just my brothers, it is not so bad. One of my brother’s didn’t notice I had dyed my hair even though I had been at his house, spoke to him and he had looked at me for four hours. I spent most of the time though lying on the sofa which had been turned into a makeshift bed watching TV since I couldn’t get the wifi to work.

My brother is also finally on holiday and I have been off for three weeks already and I haven’t really done anything. I at least want to catch up on my reading or watching series’ of things.

Moodwise, mania is somewhat controlled. I’ve had reasonable up phases especially at the beginning. The depression is better than it was with the bipolar but the PTSD seems to be taking over a reasonable bit with nightmares, derealization or depersonaliation and I think the memory problems are related to the PTSD rather than the medications. Though the tremors are probably definitely by the medication so that also wouldn’t help the depressive side of things. But overall things seem okay at the moment. I don’t know if things will get worse when I go back to school and get the stress of things again but for now it’s closer to okay then it has been in a while. Everything I suffer now seems more psychological than physical.


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