Quick update

So anxiety affects blood pressure who knew? According to the blood pressure monitor my blood pressure is in fact 95/56 which is ‘very low’ for an adult/teenager. According to: http://www.vaughns-1-pagers.com/medicine/blood-pressure.htm My pulse was 88 bpm (beats per minute).
My brother whom is 13 and in great shape has blood pressure of 107/84 with a pulse of 86bpm. Which according to the same site is low normal to normal which I suppose is ideal for someone his age.
My dad has 140/86 with a pulse of 69bpm which is high normal but seeing as his rate has been continually been 140 over something.

It’s important to not over react about this. I’m perfectly fine and we’ll know if I start feeling dizzy all the time then I need immediate medical attention. Plus we’re going to check my blood pressure every few days. The explanation for my decrease from earlier is I was anxious about being at the pdocs because I don’t like it there and people with anxiety disorders are more likely to have dramatic changes in blood pressure numbers. Which is why anxiety disorder people will never give a perfectly clear reading in medical settings. Other interesting thing is that considering I have the lowest blood pressure, I have the highest pulse out of my family.


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