Upping the dose

WordPresses layout has changed her?

i like it.

It’s more modern-ish and faster which is cool. That’s a pick me up.

Call from the pdocman today and it basically boils down to doubling the dose. So 200mg in the morning of Sodium Valproate and 200mg in the evening/night. Let’s see if that can effect my mood, I’ve been feeling really depressed so it’d be nice to break out of that depression plus I have EMDR tomorrow, so there’s that which I am also not looking forward to because I don’t feel in the mood. I might just say I’m not in the mood for it because I really haven’t got the energy or the mood to do it.

Holidays are a great time to be manic but if you’re not and you’re depressed then becoming reclusive is so easy and such a wonderful thing. Of course right now, I love the reclusive life and then mania or hypomania rolls around and thinks it can just pick up where it left off with everyone. But people don’t forget. People can get mad when you ignore them and even madder when they don’t even get an apology. Should you apologise? Of course but I can’t tell you the amount of times I have tried to talk to people whilst in the up phase and have it turn into a massive arguement about how they are a massive buzzkill.

My niece text me last night. She’s a few months younger than my brother and we don’t have much in common so we don’t tend to talk so it was odd for her to text me with an mms which was weird and then asked me if I as in college this morning. Also weird. We don’t really talk.

But EMDR tomorrow so that’s something.


4 thoughts on “Upping the dose

  1. I have not been around. I am not sure what is going on at the moment in your life ….but I did want to stop by and just say ……well, just to give yu a hug. Just because purple one *gentle smiles*


    Do not ever give up ok. *hugs again*

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