You’re too up for EMDR

Once again I am too up for EMDR, so we just sat and talked. Miss D (which is the name for my bp and psych specialist now) had call Mr pdocman and they had both agreed I need to be seen again earlier, making an appointment for next Wednesday and I should stop the prozac. Here’s the secret though, I’m taking a prozac tomorrow and then stopping because I can’t deal with a comedown around family who already think I’m on drugs but apparently stopping the prozac will make for a mighty crash into depression and I should be prepared for that with the come off prozac, so that’s fun. But I should be put on a mood stablizer on Wednesday but from what I know and I know I don’t know a lot, isn’t it usually a mood stablizer AND an anti depressant so wouldn’t it make sense to keep taking the prozac and then add a mood stablizer? But whatever. I don’t know the ins and outs of medication.

I’ve dyed my hair red though (photos on my photo blog:

I’m seeing my sister,  2 maybe  brothers and possibly one of their gfs and my niece. My aunt and uncle aren’t coming so that makes for some awkward conversation. Just don’t bring up any drug addictions. But yes, give me the blackberry so I can have it and bbm because that’ll be funny. Possibly. Not if I’m depressed.


4 thoughts on “You’re too up for EMDR

  1. nooo, not always an anti depressant too, some stabilizers have some anti depressant in them, and when your mood is stable, depression may not be such an issue. That would be so great.

    kk, red? not purple? I am heartbroken. 😉

    • Oh, okay. That makes sense. Told you I didn’t understand it:P Depends which one, she mentioned a few to me sodium something and clo-something. I don’t know I wasn’t really listening.

      I know, am soo sorry 😉

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