The end of mental health week.

Mental Health Awareness week: “Each year the Mental Health Foundation uses this week in the calendar to work with people and organisations across the UK to help raise awareness of important public mental health issues which are often neglected. Previous years have seen innovative campaigns raising awareness of topics such as ‘Fear and Anxiety’, ‘Loneliness’ and ‘Sleep.’ ” 13/5/13 to the 17/5/13

I had my first exam today and well, i thought I might fall asleep in the exam so I had some caffiene and that sent me into a high episode and I got told off twice in the exam, to be honest I was lucky I didn’t get disqualified. I was tapping my pen against the table and then I was fidgeting a lot with my chair. I don’t know how well I did in the exam, I remember thinking I did brilliantly but looking back, probably not because I didn’t write a lot.

I have two exams next week, one on Tuesday, afternoon and RE which I feel I don’t really need to revise because I know enough, but I will probably revise a little bit. Then on Thursday, afternoon I have an English exam. Yes, the exam time is upon us.

I had a second session with the bp and psychosis specialist, except it wasn’t exactly EMDR as we didn’t have time because it took time to calm me down from the high episode but she talked about rescripting the worst flashback and I’ve always liked the idea of a gun which I don’t think she was too pleased about but hey. She also said she would email the psychiatrist to tell him about the prozac and I think her saying she saw me in a high-ish episode will carry a lot of weight and MAYBE get me closer to a fucking diagnosis. She even thinks I need a mood stablizer so maybe that’ll be the next port of call and hopefully that’ll work better. She told me that if by the end of next week, my mood is still rapidly changing I should call the psychiatrist.



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