Short sleeve tshirt

I still feel sick, I get this intense nausea sometimes and so I haven’t been eating so much. Just breakfast and dinner. But even that’s a struggle. I just don’t feel hungry at all and I just feel sick and the sight of food makes me feel sick which considering my past relationship with anorexia isn’t a good path to go down. But I think the nausea should get better. The only problem I’ve found is that prozac is doing what the zoloft did and speeding up the mood cycle. I’ve gone from depressed to manic back to depressed throughout the day. In the night I went from depressed to mixed and then suffered from flashbacks and dissociation and then when I finally did manage to sleep, I had nightmares and then I felt too sick to even move when I woke up.

In other news, I have to go to school tomorrow and get my folders. Chemistry, English and maths. Which is a pain but if I want to pass. I need to revise.

I’m also wearing a short sleeve tshirt. First one in a long time, I mean it is a hollow victory as I still do self harm but I’m glad I am wearing one. Even if it is just pajamas.


4 thoughts on “Short sleeve tshirt

  1. Tis a victory nevertheless.

    Asks what kind of pj’s … one with happy print I hope. (I wear sleep tees….giant ones … it makes me feel safe for some reason. That or slovenly … both have the same calming effect! (Ok…I don’t really feel slovenly in them, I just wanted to say something that took your mind off of nausea if only for a millisecond.)

    Sends a hug your way …

    • I wear big tshirts all the time, but usually with a big jumper.
      my current pajamas are mismatched. light blue bottoms with a green tshirt that I think belonged to one of my brothers at one point. Its an advertisment for a bangkok beer I think. But I do get what you mean, i feel better in larger clothes. I always wear larger clothes.
      It did take my mind off the nausea thank you.
      I hope you’re doing okay.


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