IT’S NEGATIVE. *trigger warning*




The trigger warning for blood and in a way self harm.

IMG_3239This is what has got me so happy.
I so far haven’t got celiac disease.

IMG_3240This is the resulting mess.

But that’s  cool because it’s negative.

So, I have lost a reasonable amount of blood in the past few days. A blood test yesterday to measure the prolactin level, whether it’ll really show is questionable. I took the risperidone for two weeks and stopped taking it a week yesterday. Let me explain what happened. Wednesday last week was taken off risperidone and the psychiatrist said he would send through the list of blood that day since I was going there anyway for my ears anyway. We got there and they weren’t there which I didn’t mind because emergencies come up, other appointments. So we said we’d phone everyday to see if the list was through, now my doctor was away all last week due to his pesky heart trouble but apparently there is another doctor checking the emails. So yesterday I went for the blood test with the pregnant blood test lady and I only say pregnant because last time I saw her she was really thin and not pregnant looking and now she is very pregnant looking. WHY IS EVERYONE GETTING PREGNANT?! My form teacher, my blood test lady, this other woman doctor. Why are you all pregnant at the same time? It is very irresponsible. Even if you are all married and this was probably planned. Anyway, she looked and couldn’t find the list of bloods, bearing in mind it takes the nurses a day to put on the system.  Now, here’s the thing. My psychiatrist COULD have emailed the list of bloods through for a doctor to approve and send for but because Dr H isn’t there, it got looked at but passed over. Meaning it’s the doctor’s surgery’s fault OR the psychiatrist didn’t send them through which means it is the psychiatrists fault. Either way, someone did something really bad and you wonder why I get so mad at the professionals.

I have the bipolar and psychosis specialist today and I am off school because I am so depressed and slow, school feels like such a pointless effort but I am still very confused as to why I am going for a bigger investigation into the whole “hallucinations” thing because I was led to believe it was a mood thing and would sort itself out when the moods were sorted. So please explain why I am doing this. I will write a blog (possibly ranty) about what happens as I have to get ready to go now.


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