Call from the psychiatrist

Psychiatrist called today, as planned and he told me to stop risperidone and get a blood test for prolactin and that it would be best if we were to change the antipsychotic so we made an appointment for the 7th May. Early afternoon. I’m glad to be off those drugs, they were such a pain.

I don’t like talking to people over the phone, there is so much maybe in it. I want to see a person’s face when I talk to them. I can tell what I’m thinking. I went shopping for a box – yes. A box. I found a 100 ltr one for £10 but depression makes me indescive so I stood there for 10 minutes thinking “do i need this?” and “where would I put it” and just could not make up my mind to buy it and well the new philosphy is that if depression is making me indecisive then pick the cheaper option. Which was to not get it and I’m still having an internal battle about whether I should have got it.

I got pretty mad with my dad in the doctor surgery  because I was putting foundation on the scars on my wrist just in case the blood test was today as the head doctor said it could be and I asked my dad if he know why I was doing this and he said no. Thanks for forgetting. Made some jokes after I told him why. I said it was mean of him to joke. He said it was a form of escapism. I suppose we can all only deal with so much.

I also feel I need to make a choice about friends but I can’t decide when they both have days where they annoy me and both have days when they’re pretty great. I can’t even pick to buy a box. How can I choose between people?
I can’t that’s what.

Also! Shout out to my fellow Hay Fever Sufferers, we people gonna have a tough time this summer. If the pollen count hasn’t risen where you are and hay fever is not currently affecting you, then just be warned. It’s coming. If you haven’t tried them, I’d try hay fever tablets. I take them and I find they do help. My throat isn’t scratchy, I’m not sneezing and my eyes stay in their non watery state.


2 thoughts on “Call from the psychiatrist

  1. So glad for you that your psychiatrist is being responsive to your needs. When I started Lamictal, it made me lactate, but it was a side effect that went away for the most part. There are many good antipsychotics out there…hope you find one that works for you!

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