School and good and bad things

So bad thing, good thing good?

Bad thing: I lost my temper today because SK and AS were winding me up saying that my history teacher who we all have witnessed is creepy, want to fuck me. That’s he’s obsessed with me and that he wanted to rape me. Now firstly rape is not a joke but before that came into play I was getting annoyed because it’s not true. Creepy might be his default setting and if anyone over heard he could lose his job and whilst he is the creepiest teacher I have ever had this trouble of meeting, he doesn’t deserve that. I think it’s scarier because no one can say for sure what this obsession with me is. I mean, it might have started one of two ways. 1. Paranoia convinced me the history teacher was staring, I told friends, friends started calling my name around him, he heard, he started looking at me. 2. he stared at me, I told people, friends made it worse by calling my name around him. It just needs to stop.

Good thing: Got the series of unfortuante events and Beatrice’s Letters for £10. The entire collection. Photo on photoblog.

Bad thing: Rigid muscles are back.

Good thing: Lactation appears to be gone.

Bad thing: Fight between friends.

Good thing: I’m friends with both of them.

Bad thing: Got a C on my maths exam retake.

Good thing: Means I can at least get a C as long as I get a C on my other exam and pass the unit.

Bad thing: Manic me signed up to go town when depression doesn’t want to. I need too figure a way out of that. GIVE ME EXCUSES!

Good thing: I found heelys

Bad thing: I haven’t got £12 and have no way of getting to them.

Good thing: Figured out an idea to create a box full of manic things and keep it in my room.


2 thoughts on “School and good and bad things

  1. The bad things are blech….but not super blech? (Well…the muscle thing is sucky).

    But the good things are good nod nods. (I also say….for a little while…think about going to town…at least for a little while *smile*….damn the mom in me!)

    I am glad that you do not wish Creepy teacher to lose his job. At least you can see it might not be his fault. Good for you Munchkin nod nods.

    • Some of the bad things do really suck. I mean it’s emotionally uncomfortable for me to hear about the teacher. The lactation also hasn’t fully gone away like I thought it had.

      It’s not just the depression with the not wanting to go to town. It’s who I’m going with. I have a panic attack or can’t handle it and she’s more like to hinder by making fun of me then help. Plus she’s just going for herself and the fact her mum doesn’t allow her to go town by herself rather than to spend time with me. Plus the financial reasons as well which is not enough money.

      Well staring may not be his fault. Maybe an unconscious motive. Plus I think it’s unfair to chastised a person without knowing why and their reasons because its not an illegal act so it may have deeper seeded reasons. I might remind him of someone maybe.

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