Day 2 (the last day post)

Last week I cooked a pizza. It took me 20 mins to have it ready. My brother and dad are cooking a pizza. I have heard every profantity avaliable to english language and heard the 5 stages of grief. They started an hour ago. I feel like I cooked my pizza wrong.
So side effects, stiff muscles wore off today after a while but came back before I had taken my next dose. Headaches. My pupils have been constricted all day but since that is not really a known side effect of risparidone but has come up to be related to mania, I don’t think it’s related just interesting. Problem is having stiff muscles; being in pain. Isn’t exactly helpful when all your body wants to do is move but again I’ve calmed down so am going to get an hour or two of sleep whilst I can because I was up all last night. But I’m not tired, well my body is but my mind is. If you get it.

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