First day of risperdal

So I wasn’t going to write a blog like “first day” “second day” but I feel like I should because I’m having a little bit of a hard time with the side effects. I know a lot of people would say it’s too early for side effects but think of it like this, if you got stabbed the physical pain would be immediate. But the emotional trauma of it would take weeks. Hence why I am suffering from stiff muscles, I mean they are stiff and they kill. I mean it really only hurts where my muscles were already tense (shoulders, head, hands and arm). It hurts, a lot. But it’s difficult because I can’t move my muscles because they’re still but because I’m going up (slowly) it means I want to move faster but physically can’t.

I’ve had a fever for the past 2-3 days and it could be due to mania because I read that when manic there is a high level of seretonin and having a high level of seretonin can give a person a person a fever – even if just a little bit of one.

I’ve tried creative things but due to the fact my fingers and hands are still stiff; organising, hama beads and baking are all off the table. So at the moment I’m okay as the high phase has dipped a bit but later when it goes back up what do I do to pass the time? How do I get rid of this energy?

I received CSI Series 9 today, I could watch that but I feel high with energy and sitting still just isn’t an option but I’m in too much pain to do anything physical. But I feel like I just want to buy things so I’m getting off the internet why I’m still in control. I might get my dad to change the password and not give it to me until mania has gone. I don’t know I just feel very hyped up.

Also, the incredibly talented Amy has got out her paperbacks for her book Progress, can be bought here:


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