Psychiatrist and Sleep clinic

Want to apologise for the lateness of this blog. It’s been one of those nights. I fell asleep for an hour, had a dissociative episode, woke up, fell asleep, had a nightmare and ths 6am was born. So that sucks. I really do want to cry at the fact this keeps happening especially considering the fact that I’m going into mania – but that might explain why it’s so vivid. The nightmare.

Anyway, so I did end up going to the sleep clinic because I made my dad decide and basically all he did was confirm I had insomnia and said that I was “a shallow sleeper” and a “short sleeper” – woah. Like I hadn’t worked it out myself but I was getting into the high phase so I ended up walking out just so I could get a picture of this:

IMG_3132btw, fags in England are cigarettes and well that is just no. do not swap cigarettes for swag of any kind ever. Get qualifications. Not swag.

Went to school. School was okay, except we saw this picture and just…

IMG_3133That is the poster at school and can u not…

So yes, psychiatrist. Well I am sort of hypomanic so I was in the obsessive organising state, so I was organising the box of toys. The bipolar and psychosis specialist was there too. So I had to go through the whole story again which annoyed me but I don’t really mind but essentially what it came down to was they put me on risperdal 1mg but the dose goes 1/2 a tablet morning and evening for a week. If no problems then take 1 tablet in the morning and one in the evening. I have to see the bipolar and psychosis specialist again without my psychiatrist because she wants to focus on the voices and I think it was late May but I can’t remember the exact appointment date and in the mean time I have to keep a mood diary. I was going to start it Tuesday but I can’t be bothered so I’ll start it today – it has to have: mood, sleep and hallucinations.

Now as for the risperdal, I was looking up side effects and the ones I think there is a 99% chance of getting is headaches and stomach aches just because both are so hyposensitive to change. But I have to watch as these can cause mania symptoms, difficulty sleeping and increased appetite among other things. I start the medication this evening because the pharmacy doesn’t get a shipment of them in until 10am and I will be at school.


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