Margaret Thatcher, Mood diary and no nos.

So firstly, the first lady Prime mister died. Sad. I mean I like the whole women breaking into male dominated areas thing but then some of the stuff she did was a little out order. But this is funny. Now One Direction Fans tweeted “whoz dat” when Harry Styles tweeted RIP Baroness Thatcher or something so someone made a helpful guide on Thatcher for One Direction fans and, it’s funny.

tumblr_mkyj47B2dN1qkfzdlo1_1280I’m sorry but just.. isn’t that funny?

As for the mood diary, I’m thinking of making it more simplistic than the other one. Check it out on my photo blog.

No Nos?
I learned today that you cannot walk into a classroom talking about sex. You might ask what the hell? Well I get very hypersexual and I was talking to a friend who is a lesbian and that’s only important because I was asking about it because I tend to favour bisexuality and hypersexuality when manic. I mean it could be consider pansexual – it’s at least going that way.

You can also not start laughing uncontrollably during a silent lesson.

You cannot tell people you are “so fucking fantastic that only basic bitches dont agree”

You can not go around calling people “peasants” (people get offended)

You can not take over the PE lesson as you think it’s being taught wrong

You can only sit down and shut up and be sent out when you do any of the above and go talk to a pastrol support person who will eventually send you back to lesson once you’ve calmed down.

Yeah… let’s pray those tablets work. I’m a bit lower than I was early but that’s how it is. I dip and then go back up. Might try and get a bit of sleep and then awake and do things. I have this urge to write but my dad wants me to take my pill and have dinner. Not in that order but it gets in the way.


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