You probably are all wondering why so soon.
Well, I stopped talking, stopped eating, became very depressed and whenever I did talk it was through tears. But then the nurses and doctors and people saw that with family I was happier and would talk and even laugh despite being depressed. I also was getting migraines everyday, backaches from the bed and stress stomach aches.
Also, the staff there were terrible. Not all, just most. For example there was this room called the ‘Quiet Room’ and I would be sitting in there crying and this man came in and asked if I was okay and I said no and he left saying ‘oh’. This wasn’t a one time thing. Many times this happened but with answers such as ‘I’ll get someone else’ or “I’ve got something else to do” and the one person who did talk to me said “let me go write this in your file and I’ll come back and talk to you for a few minutes” Never came back. I cried all through the night. Was disengaged from activities because I was too depressed and would only speak to patients. So I begged my dad to get me out and he spoke with the doctor and they came to the mutual agreement that I am to be let out – it wasn’t clear if this was leave (which is where I’ll come back next Tuesday) or being discharged. I think It’s discharged and I go to my appointment on the 9th of April. The only thing I will miss is the other patients. They were lovely. If I dwell too much on how much I actually miss them, it’ll make me sad so I’m just focusing on the negatives.


6 thoughts on “I’M OUT!

  1. Sometimes, depending on the condition or your particular mood at that particular time, hospital isn’t the best option. It can keep you safe, or it can make you worse, depending on the treatment you receive and how your brain interprets it. I would snap at nurses for asking “How are you?” because I thought it was pretty bl**dy obvious how I was feeling, but that approach worked with other patients. I got worse in hospital, but they wouldn’t let me leave because they thought I would be even worse at home. Got to the point where I was trying to kill myself either way, because it just felt so hopeless. I wouldn’t get to go home until I got better, but I couldn’t get better because I wasn’t allowed to go home. Just keep talking to your family and medical team; don’t give up on them. Educate them in how to talk to you; when to talk to you; what stupid questions to avoid; all that jazz. Good luck and ((((hugs))))

    • I’ve already left so I can’t really talk with the medical team. I’m going to see my psychiatrist in a few weeks so that should be good for me and he should put me on medication. I’m glad to be out, miss the patients in there a bit but that was going to be obvious for me. I hope the hospital did end up helping you in some way or let you out. *hugs*

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