Okay, so maybe all is not lost because my dad called my psychiatrist (ex-psychiatrist – whatever) and he got me a bed at Oakham house. Now intitally I don’t trust anything that has nature thing in it and isn’t nature. Like “rainbow room” – I don’t know what the hell a rainbow room is but I don’t trust it. But my dad and I agreed that it would be best because he wants me well and I want to sleep again and get GCSEs and go to places and stuff but you can’t do that if you’re mentally unwell.

I researched, obviously. Knowledge is power and if i’m going to spend over night (over many nights probably) somewhere then I need to know about it. So what have I found out (bullet list):

  • Oakham House is an in-patient unit which admits up to 10 children and young people between the ages of 11 – 18 who have mental health issues. – 10 people, that sounds too intimate for my liking and 11-18 that leaves a large gap of ages which isn’t something I’m particularly comfortable with because one of the most brilliant things about the modern era for people who suffer from social anxiety is that in cities and towns everyone is cut off from everyone and whilst that is sad. For me and other social anxiety sufferers it is a good thing. So am I happy about how intimate thing is going to be? Not really. Will I be happy if I have to make friends with some 11 year old. Nope.
  • They will provide assessment and then if necessary treatment and diagnosis of a range of conditions including, psychosis, depression, anxiety related disorders, Behavioural disturbances, eating disorders and Learning Disability associated with mental health. What’s a learning disabilty associated with mental health?
  • The treatment package includes individual and group work. The Child and the family are an integral part of the process and will be involved in all aspects of the care. What’s group work? Is that like group therapy or work with the family because I’m not a fan of either… okay maybe I can get on board with group therapy because I like hearing people’s stories but I don’t actually want my dad to come over and be all theraputic because it might make me sick.
  • The medical staff will see them individually at least once a week and will provide assessment and other psychological work to help them. The therapists will work with them individually and in groups. Not only does that answer my question about group therapy but it also questions how often I’ll be seen, I may not feel like opening up everyday.
  • The inpatient unit is on one site with access to the three community teams within the service and we have 18 nurses, 1 consultant psychiatrist, 2 occupational Therapists, 2 Family Therapist, 1 teacher and 1 Psychologist. I swear to God if a teacher comes to me in the holidays I will be really pissed off, I will do my own revision and I don’t know why you need so many family therapists and what the hell is an occupational therapist? I don’t have an occupation and I bet neither does the 11 year olds. Actually I doubt any person who goes in there does because let’s face it, they’re either too young or too ill or both.
  • We can admit up to 10 people at any one time and have around 100 admissions a year. Uncomfortable!
  • I can bring my phone with no sim card and they can give me a sim card so i can text my family. Lovely really. I bet that’s so they can check up on us. No cameras or iPods. okay… how am I going to survive without music?

This is going to be hell.

But since I will very unlikely be able to get on the internet after 9:30am tomorrow, I’ll answer comments, emails and pigeon mail until then. So yes, I will miss the blogging and if I am ever able to get on the internet I will write a quick blog about how I’m doing. You better all miss me. *psst* if you can answer any of my questions that I haven’t answered myself I’d be grateful *psst*


23 thoughts on “Treatment

  1. awww, ok lets just attack this from all over.

    Occupational Therapists are not job related, they will help you with day to day issues, managing school activities, home life. Munchkin they will also deal with anxiety and panic attacks.

    Family therapy is important, your dad needs to know how to help, what you go through, and to help you relate to him too.

    Group therapy is awesome!!!! yes even with an 11 year old. You all will share some things, that others can not or may not identify with.. even 11 year olds. πŸ™‚

    Learning disabilities with mental health, hmmm, well this is a big issue. ADHD obviously, but think about mania too and how hard it is to learn. Depression is so common and it is a learning disability too.

    Do you go tomorrow?

    • Well, good thing I have no school πŸ˜› I will get my dad to bring in revision books or something maybe though.

      Well yes, but not for a while. Like I want a diagnosis the maybe my dad can come in.

      I’m not the biggest fan of 11 year olds. Not to sound mean but I don’t get on with people especially who are more than 2 years younger and two years older. I read that there’s room mate thing too. I better get someone my own age. I bet it’s gotta be a girl though, which is good but then having a boy would be complete exposure therapy but I want someone near my own age. I know that sounds childish.

      Oh ADHD, I get on well with people who have ADHD when manic. Like we click so well. But when depressed I get annoyed.

      Yup. Tomorrow 10am is the time I gotta be there but I probably won’t be on my phone after 9:30am.

      • so miss you, nope, because you will be in my thoughts each moment each day Munchkin.

        I doubt you will have a boy roommate. I think they would get into a lot of troubles then.

        pssst… and I will miss you too. πŸ™‚

  2. I see that you are going … is that good? I think it will be. I hope it will be. I see you are anxious too on the size. 10 people total. Maybe at times the groups will break into smaller pods?

    Perhaps too with the younger ones … they might help somehow too? sort of like being an older sibling? Then again…I like little kids so that might just be me thinking it would be okay. (Also, I am the youngest in my family…I have always wanted a younger brother or sister.)

    And just so you know … whilst I have not commented on all your blog posts…I have read. So when you get back I will be here too.


    • No I doubt it. From what I read. It’s individual or group therapy with a possibility of room mates. Plus I don’t think it’s fair to break us up into smaller pods because people become cliqueish and left out that way and if they even try to do that i will go back to my room as I know it is horrible because it’s seperating people due to age or whatever or by illness and then what message is that saying? That you should just stick with your own kind. I’d refuse I really would. I’m not ‘nagging’ or having a go, I’m just saying that’s what I would do. I’m a funny and difficult person to work with I know, imagine the poor bastards who are going to have to try to help.

      I’m already an older sibling. I don’t want to act like an older sibling especially when I lost my childhood that way. Yes, I think it is just you πŸ˜› People all have their age preferentials. Some prefer younger, some older, some the same age but I’m not a fan of younger kids which is probably why. I mean, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll find a mature 13 (maximum younger than me age I can stand) or make a group of friends where the younger kids are just part of and it’s not weird. I prefer older people because I’ve always been way too mature for my age and got on with them better.

      Why did you not comment? If you have something to say, feel free to say it.


  3. Funny, funny girl!! With your most excellent bulleted items!! I think Occupational Therapy is actually where you get to make shit. Don’t worry. I think it’s fun. Look I was just in the hospital. You can cut up and be funny and say shit like “We got this bitch!” in your group therapy.

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