Information, ranting, ravings and other stories.

So I thought I should write a blog just to let you know that I don’t plan on dropping off the face of the planet; however tempting that maybe.

I finished Abundance of Katherines – read my review here:

Debating what to read next because I’m torn between two books. But I’ll decide tonight. Depends because I know one of them is going to make me cry and if I look up quotes on Tumblr I’ll want to read that one. Plus I’m not too bothered about the other one.

I’m trying to sort out my room though. Like with my books, usually mania would take care of this annoying task and it would be a soothing thing but I have a lot of books and I still haven’t taken the books out of my bag that my dad made me pack for the looney bin because let’s face it, i’m lazy and he still hopes something will happen. Basically you know my mood by the state of my room. If it’s organised (not necessarily tidy) I am manic (or at least have racing thoughts), if it is messy with rubbish just thrown here,there and everywhere i’m depressed. I’m trying to get rid of my Vampire Diaries books because they’re quite boring – I got rid of my twilight books as well because it was like “oh read these, they’re amazing and help you understand things in the movie/tvshow better” but they in fact turned out to be incredibly boring. So I’m going to sell them and if no one buys any of them, I’ll just donate them to charity but considering my mania spending sprees. Money is in fact best. But for the moment I’m staring at a gaping hole in my book case where about 8 books used to be thinking “how do I even decide what books go in there?” Like do I put in the City of Bones saga because that’d make sense but since they aren’t all that enthralling I’m not too bothered about protecting them or having them not in a pile. I’m thinking John Green books as I only need one more to have the entire collection. Which now I just realized that I have just wasted your life going on about books; okay. Back to my topic.

So really I was just going to write about how despite being asked I am not planning on giving up blogging because I have quit treatment because I find it cathardic and let’s face it, it’s the only social interaction I’m going to have outside of the family this next two weeks. Also, when is Easter? Like what’s the date? Bipolar has actually made me lose all sense of time related events. I used to remember every holiday and make everyone celebrate it – from pancake day to Christmas but nowadays people just walk up to me and say “HAPPY [insert holiday here]” and I have the surprised look on my face because I didn’t even know. I should google it I suppose but I don’t even know if I’d get the right date what with all these trolls lurking about.

Also can I just say: okay noThat I am not endorsing fucking suicide. Whoever this was, if you ever return to my blog please contact someone. I mean I may not be the best person since I am indeed suicidal but inbox is always open and I will offer non-judgement but understanding advice and will never ever turn my back on you just because you don’t follow my advice and yes, I am indeed being as passive aggressive as hell at the moment. But please, I’m begging from my hypocritical mouth – don’t try suicide; don’t kill yourself. I am here for you random googling anon.

I also apologise to those two people looking for answers as to why the Hell it is snowing in March. NO ONE KNOWS! IT’S A MYSTERY! NO ONE WILL EVER EVER KNOW SO I AM VERY VERY SORRY. I do apologise for my outburst. I am just very stressed about the entire book situation. I’m very neurotic that way.

Ah, but none of this is really information to you or at least something you’d want to hear. Possibly something you’d just laugh with or whatever.

But I think this blog is becoming too long and those books are taunting me and I have yet to make a hot chocolate. But I’m also feeling tired. I just want to sort these books out and have a hot chocolate.

But to sum up:

  • I finished my book
  • Don’t commit suicide
  • I am not quitting blogging
  • I am confused about books
  • I don’t know when Easter is.
  • I am going to have a hot chocolate.



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