What happens when you refuse treatment?

You lose your friends. That’s the main thing. The people you thought that cared. The ones you thought would always be there for you will leave and you realise that you just wasted your time on them and that actually they are the most selfish people because the only reason they stuck around is so at the end of it they can say “see, told you what I said would help” and just really take unjustified glory for your recovery. If any of you have friends you even think are like that, get rid of them asap. You’ll be better off for it.

To answer Amy Queau‘s comment: “What is your plan? To fight alone?

I haven’t got a ‘plan’ as such so much as a self destructive streak. I think that’s the best way to describe it. Also, honey(ies), I’ve been fighting alone for 6 years it’s just this particular fight I’ve been fighting for over a year so yes. Fighting alone is best.

So for the people who have now left me alone (and it’s obviously not all you lovelies – just a particular few) now that my treatment has halted – thanks. Thanks for showing me not to waste time on your selfish asses.

Hope you are all having a wonderful night.


2 thoughts on “What happens when you refuse treatment?

  1. Don’t give up on all of us, yet. Some of us may live across a pond or two, but that doesn’t mean we don’t care. Ultimately, you will know what is best for you. I refuse to judge you. I haven’t walked a mile in your shoes – and neither has anyone else. I am here – you know where to find me.

    • I haven’t given up on you, Amy. Never. I also appreciate every bit of help you’ve given me and would not have got by without it. It was just had a friend today tell me that my mental illness is “annoying” because “i’m not at school” and then she starts telling me I’m going to die and no she doesn’t know about the suicide attempt but just because my stress hormone is exceptionally high and that can cause heart attacks and aside from the high stress level and the genetic predisposition to it I have no other indicators of heart attacks or any of that other bullshit illnesses high stress levels cause and to use more bad language I was getting pissed off with her attitude towards it and then there were some other people but she prompted it more than others.

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