Off to the hospital.

I don’t have time to be witty though I may unintentionally be, for which…. is amazing.

Okay… change of tune. You don’t even want to hear what’s going on.

So I went to the doctors and they actually have the results of my blood test is actually back! Why 7-10 days, doesn’t make sense. But yes, it’s back. Everything is fine except my stress level is too high. Like the stress hormone.

But I told him the truth. That I was suicidal, crying, told him how hard it was. He recommended going to the hospital and even said he was going to call the CAMHS people so someone can go to A&E and assess me and it is likely I will be kept in.He also recommended thatt iron was much more likely to kill me than diazepam – so I’ll remember that next time.

Had some shisha to calm down afterwards. Expecting to go in…

You sensing the twist?

My dad calls to give the doctor the number for my psychiatrists direct secretary and what does the doctors receptionist say? HE’S GOING HOME ILL! WTF?! Yes he has heart trouble, but when does that stop you making a phone call. I’m all packed to go if I do go. I’ll try and update you as much as possible. Let’s call this hour one. I will update you every hour.


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