Hour three:

Not technically hour three but still…

Not going to psychiatric unit instead have appointment with psychiatrist tomorrow at 12:30pm.

I am not going.

I have half a mind to withdraw myself from the system.

So thank you medical professionals for lying and fucking me about.

If you guys are the pinocle of sanity than I’d rather stay insane.


8 thoughts on “Hour three:

  1. There must be somewhere else you can go. This sounds like shit they’d pull in the states – you guys are supposed to be a hell of a lot smarter than us! Seriously – what do they think they’re dealing with here? A number? This is your life.

  2. Don’t give in to this. TAKE WHAT YOU CAN. If you have an appointment try to make the most of it. If I had waited for the professionals to help me I would be dead by now. Instead, I thought, fuck you, I will take from you what I need and do the rest myself. And look at me now, in recovery. YOU CAN GET THROUGH THIS. xxxxxxxx

    • Thanks for the advice but I’m just tired of fighting. Call me weak but I’ve given in and I know that defeats the purpose of even writing this blog because sort of the point was to show I’d prevail through weakness but I think I’m pretty set on withdrawing from the system now. I don’t think they can force me to get treatment anymore anyway.

  3. Keep fighting for your health. There are plenty of people here in this virtual community that care about your recovery. Stick it to whomever is pulling you down by prevailing, getting better and showing that you can be in control of your life. Hugs to you. In a short time from now this low point will be nothing more than a memory.

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