Arguments and other tales.

I had an argument with my dad *insert shock horror here*

Basically, my dad had switched TVs with my brother because he bought my brother a new one and in the process had knocked my book pile down, my teddies – which yes pissed me off but I didn’t mind too much because whatever it was an accident. But then I get into bed and there is a plate in my bed with toast crumbs all over it and I had sat in it spreading the crumb everywhere. The plate by the way was in my room but it did not need to be moved for the purpose of getting my TV in so whether he left it there by accident or whatever. There was no need to move it and it was just as easy to move it out of my room.

Also earlier I came out of the shower and was sitting in the sitting room and my dad was sorting his new TV, he was on the settings and was suppose to put the teletext settings to East rather than West but he didn’t and I told him so and he just got annoyed at me and then because he had chose West and the TV ariel was only picking up East, the TV was like “dude, what’s the primary way you want me to look?” and then I told him to let me do it because he can’t do anything when it comes to electronics. Anyway so we got into an argument and then I went back into my room and the whole knocked down-toast thing happened and I started crying and that wound my dad up and he eventually snapped and said he was going to put me in a ‘secure facility’ which essentially means mental hospital and so I’m not really talking to him anymore after said argument. I don’t think he can do it without my say as I’m not specifically a danger to myself or others and he’d have to get like a medical professional to agree which they won’t do.


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