Lasting anxiety.

I woke from a nightmare and couldn’t stop shaking for hours and then I laid down and fast heartbeat started again. It did eventually calm down but it took a while. Then I wanted to watch Scrubs but the scart cable was out and I had to fix it myself and I don’t have a problem with it, it’s not that I’m lazy but I go near the TV and get headaches and not from like eye sight headaches but there’s like this electromaganetic field and it gets into my head and feels like it’s not burning but like burning my brain and then I move away and the headache lasts for a while but it eventually goes but whilst I’m near it, I can start crying from the pain so I don’t like handling my TV, being within about a 10cm radius of the TV causes pain. I need a new one.

I did finish reading Saint Jude, it’s really good actually. What I especially liked was the fact that there wasn’t some fluffy, happy ending. No one was really happy with how things turned out and the only close to happy were the ones who had learnt to cope. Which I like because nothing was overexaggarated either.

I’m going to read another book tonight and watch Les Mis. So I think it should be a good night tonight. But for now I am watching Scrubs.


7 thoughts on “Lasting anxiety.

  1. Where is this headache? I get a burning headache, nobody has ever heard of it and I can’t get any answers to what causes it. It is right on the round part on top of my head. It feels like it’s about an inch under my skull. They come and go and the only thing that makes it go away is laying with a heating pad on top of my head which makes no sense at all since it is already burning.

    • From what I’ve read it’s a EMS headache which is an Electromagnetic Sensitve headache. Some people get them when they’re close to them (I get them my going close to my old TV) whilst other people can get them from living near electric masts even 5 miles away. Some get mild symptoms, some get intense. It’s feels like something has gotten deep inside your head and it’s not like a muscle pain, it’s sort of like everything in your head has become positively charged and it hurts. I’ve never used a heatpad to get rid of mine because sometimes they just go on their own.

  2. only when the tv is on Munchkin?

    if it is ems then your computer and cell phone, even if a notebook will cause it as well.

    now old crt’s, the older televisions emit a high pitched noise. Have you heard of the mosquito noise that is used to keep people, (younger people) from loitering about shops? it is a very high pitched noise that as you get older, you can’t hear.

    well CRT’s emit that noise, and if the tv is older it will do so more, this noise/sound causes a pressure in your head that will rapidly turn into a headache.

    • I don’t know. I’ve never checked it when it’s off.

      That true, depends how sensitive you are too it. Some people don’t have it (like my dad), so people get it with high levels (me) and others can get it from mobile phones and stuff. Even the modern ones.

      I don’t know how old it is, quite old. I mean it’s definitely older than 5 years, I may go as far to say as 10 years.

      I haven’t heard that because I don’t loiter 😛 IS THAT WHAT THAT FUCKING NOISE IS AT NIGHT COMING FROM THE TV OMG! (sorry for swearing) BUT JUST! THAT NOISE PISSES ME OFF SO MUCH AND THEN I ASK MY DAD TO HEAR IT AND HE’S LIKE “OH I DON’T HEAR ANYTHING” SO I THOUGHT IT WAS EITHER TINNITUS OR HALLUCINATING. just.. im sorry. i over reacted. but jeez, I have heard that so many times from my tv. like my tv will be off and I’ll hear it.

      Well I don’t know because I haven’t heard it. But I’m pretty sure it’s due to electromagnetic just the way it feels, like two magnets coming together plus when I put my head on the screen for balance it aplified the pain that I was feeling.

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