I wanna erase every nasty thought that bugs me every day of every week

I will probably stop using lyrics as titles soon. But today is not that day.

It’s the weekend, blessed weekend. The only thing I realise is the bipolar and psychosis specialist didn’t ring this week which makes me question whether I’ll actually see her in this space of time between my blood test and next psychiatrist appointment.

I have no specific plans for the weekend. I have no homework that I HAVE to do. Like if I wanted I could do RE but there’s not a lot of point because then I’ll have no work to do and she’ll just yell at me and it’s just not worth it. I plan on reading. I need to read Saint Jude because I’ve been saying I will for weeks and I still haven’t read more than the first paragraph. I also still have a large pile of books to read so I shall start with one of the shorter books, then read the second book in the City of Bones series and then that’ll be 3 books and that’s enough for Saturday I think.

I think that’s probably it unless I watch a few movies or something which I most likely will do or watch Scrubs or Ugly Betty or something because I’m feeling depressed and it’s not healthy to wallow in the dark when it might just be healthier to put something on to watch even as background noise. But first up is Saint Jude.


14 thoughts on “I wanna erase every nasty thought that bugs me every day of every week

    • It’s a book about a girl who has bipolar disorder and after lithium didn’t work, her mother at her wits end takes her to a sort of hospital except it’s not exactly a hospital for the mentally ill but is and the place is technically called Saint Jude’s and at the moment I’m on Chapter 3 where Taylor (who is a girl) and these three boys are having sarcastic conversations but are scared of being caught out of bed after hours. Basically I was attracted to it because it was about bipolar 😛

        • Yes, it’s pretty good actually. The interesting thing about it is I’m not even sure what time period they are writing in because there are places like this now and there are some popular culture references, it’s funny in that way. I think the overall thing of the book is that Taylor wants to prove she’s not ‘crazy’ so she can leave Saint Judes. I bought my copy off Amazon, it should still be on there.

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