Pdoc Appt.

I went to the psychiatrists mixed episode but whilst waiting, I got up to hypomania which I can control to a degree but when I went in my legs were shaking and I couldn’t stop them because the energy and agitiation manifests itself into physical problems and usually I direct it to my legs because they’re under the table and no one can see it but when my psychiatrist saw it not only did it further prove my truthfulness about these episodes but he suggested a stress ball.

As for zoloft, I stay off it and instead he’s going to try antipsychotic medication because he thinks we “should try it from the other side” which I think means since we can’t attack moods, we attack the psychotic symptoms. But before he can give it to me he has to get a blood test done (at the GP since there isn’t the facilities there) and I have another appointment for the 9th of April and it takes a week for the results of the blood test to come through so if I get it done next week or something that should be okay because my psychiatrist said he has to fax the list of things he wants checked and from the wikipedia page I looked at and what he said it’s stuff like cholesterol, white blood cell count and stuff like. He said even if I went on mood stablizers, I’d need the blood test done anyway. I don’t mind blood tests, I’ve had about 100 in my life time. My dad’s a baby though. He almost passed out when I had this one done for my operation a few years ago. To be fair, I didn’t have the usual three small test tubes, I had about six done but ever since whenever I had blood taken I tell my dad to get the hell out of the room because he puts me on edge with his fainting.

I get that it’s a week but I have to wait until 9th April? That’s the Tuesday I go back after a two week holiday and that two week holiday is in two weeks. Four weeks for an appointment but I suppose to be fair, if he’s telling the truth I should be hearing from the bipolar and psychosis specialist this week and have an appointment in the next two and I suppose it makes sense that he has to hear back from her on the best course of treatment and make a plan and then there are other people in line for appointments. When put that way, a month doesn’t seem so bad.


10 thoughts on “Pdoc Appt.

  1. Sounds like the ball will start rolling, maybe the specialist will move it along quicker. AND bites my tongue again.


    I am still giggling though at how it puts you on edge when Dad is fainting during a test. πŸ˜‰ what? you find that distracting? *giggles*

    so, how are you today too? hmmm also? You weren’t on the zoloft too long so I suspect stopping should not bother you terribly.

  2. 4 weeks? That seems long … but perhaps there are many things to look at that I do not know about (which is highly probable).

    Oh … I have had many blood draws too … most times it is the 3 vial scenario … but when I had to go in for back surgery this past year…they did one and took 6 vials just like yours. It was because they tested for nearly everything under the sun. So … in a way, that is good because they are doing thorough blood panels for you. (Interesting that some things are similar … the number of vials for blood draws.)

    And I fully understand why people might be scared of needles and blood draws … but they really shouldn’t. The needle is soooo tiny now days…and the vials they use are made so the needle does not stay in long as the vials are vacuumed to suck the blood out faster. (Is it weird that I know this? lol)

    But …okay …. now some answers soon … or perhaps a better way to put it … now some treatments /plans that might start to help.

    • Yes, I think he’s waiting for the bipolar and psychosis specialists results as well as the blood test, like I said.

      Yup, the six vials were for my appendix surgery (which I didn’t even need) when I was like 10. Usually it’s just three but we’ll see how many it is this time πŸ˜›

      I think it’s because my dad doesn’t like seeing my blood.

      That is true, best way to look at it.

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