He finally called. My psychiatrist finally called.
So I woke up depressed but that’s because I had a nightmare and that sucked but I realised I’d slept four hours which was good because more sleep but bad because it’s bad sleep and nightmares. I always plan to do things but I ended up not doing them. My plan was write in my journal, breakfast, finish Progess and then do some RE work and some other things I needed to do. But my actual thing went journal, breakfast, mania started, drawings, some arty thing and then my dad came home and it’s more hypomania now. Then my psychiatrist called and he told me to stop taking zoloft and have to have an appointment with him at the time he said he was going to call me. Which is good, finally he called.

I don’t know what the supposed treatment is for that whether it’s just a course of antidepressants and mood stablizers or whether it’s hospitalization or what but it’s just an annoyingly gruelling process especially as he wants to see mania himself but so far I’ve had depression, mixed, mixed and tomorrow will be triggers because of the medication and going anywhere with people causes me to get anxious so that can make me mixed or depressed but highly likely manic. So I am a little annoyed about that. But I get it, just a long process.


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