Day 7

Okay, last ‘Day’ post because I feel I could get to day 289 if I didn’t stop myself.
So, I’m not sure how I really wanna do this post. Like good news, interesting news, bad news. I’ll just ramble and see where that gets us.

So a bit of bad news is I lost my earring and I realised when I was asleep but thought it was a dream and didn’t realise it was in fact reality until I was in the car buying  piece of wood because my dad’s got this big job that includes a big sign and he needed wood for it. It’s really only bad news because I have no idea where it is and I’m sure I’m going to step on it.

Good news, I was asked for my input on a book written by this lovely lady on her bipolar character and I was just so happy because I’ve been asked for my input on a real book. A real book. Which is just one of the best things I could ask for. I’ve started to read it but haven’t finished yet.

Interesting news, I don’t know whether I’ve spoken about my New Zeland friend. I think I may have done but I was telling her about my problems with zoloft and she has the exact same. Well, sort of exact same. She had more mania on 50mg and more depression on 100mg but she had the increased sex drive as well and the sorts of issues I have. What they did for her was take her off zoloft, give her another antidepressant (but I have honestly forgotten the name of it now) and a mood stablizer which got rid of the sex drive problems. It’s called a paradoxical effect I think. Where a pill is mainly supposed to do one thing but does the other. Like this pill is supposed to make a person less depressed but it can make them more depressed.

Bad news, my psychiatrist was supposed to call today but didn’t. I don’t know whether the receptionist didn’t give him the note because he gave it to the other guy. Which is fair enough. But the other guy said he would tell my psychiatrist to call me today. But whether he has or not is questionable and if he hasn’t then it’s not my psychiatrist’s fault but still, terrible practice all round considering that department.

But now I have a dilemma. I’ve essentially had an entire week off school because my medication is screwing me up, I’m behind on work which’ll be too stressful to completely catch up. I mean I do have a plan now. Which mainly includes doing lots of RE work. Which I don’t mind but I’m just sick of feeling this way and not being able to contact people who can help me is just the worst thing.

My psychiatrist is supposed to ring me on Friday and I hope he does but what’s he going to do. He’ll say continue the medication for a week or two and I don’t change and then I go off it again. So what do I do until next week or when he decided to do something? I’m just so sick of this.


7 thoughts on “Day 7

  1. tis tough with half treatments. I am still so annoyed with that. kk, so keeping up, I am serious we can do that together. How was today? Are you still mixed? you may move out of mixed next week if so. mania though is troublesome. I hope calls tomorrow with the rest of your meds. *grumbles under my breath*

    The book review sounds great and she couldn’t have picked a better reviewer. 🙂

    • You and me both, Amber. It’s horrible.

      I know it’s just so difficult though.
      It’s not exactly mixed because I’m not getting mania and depression at the same time. I’m getting mania and then depression. But not mixed together.

      I might just have to call him again. I think just mania would be easier in a way.

      Thank you 🙂


  2. I would start calling him at 9 am and every half hour until he spoke to me. You just can not prescribe meds to someone and then ignore them. *stomps my foot* it just isn’t done.

    so anger?

    not mixed is good, I think depression will lift soon, but I don’t want to see you moved to just mania.

    so, to recap a bit, it is a step in the right direction. all of this.

  3. Lord … why are they not calling you? I don’t want to grumble about something I may not have the whole story on … but …

    It IS his fault … if he does not call and says he will.
    It IS his fault if a note does not get passed to him by his stand in or his receptionist. If he is willing to trust a back-up with his patients, then he should assure they are doing follow throughs. If they are not, it is HIS fault. Same with a recpetionist. (Does not mean to rant and add fuel to the fire … but what you are saying is even frustarting me.)

    Ok…ends on a better note ~ That is really cool that you are getting to review a book. And on a topic that you have interest in and knowledge of. That is great!

    Ok, actually ends on an ‘ew’ note. There is someone else whose blog I read. She wrote a poem. In it, she talks about accidentally stepping on a snail and hearing an yucky sound. Soooo….I hope you do not step on your earring …. but if you do…at least it would be less blechy than stepping on a snail. lol

    • you do have the whole story, I mean like I say. I don’t know if he actually has got the note or whether everyone’s miscommunicating but still…

      You have a point, I just too often give people the benefit of the doubt because I don’t know why. Just do.

      It is great, I’m part way through it.

      Haha, I found my earring. I even found the back. It was just good luck.

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