Psychiatrist appointment.

I’ve sprained my wrist.
I punched a wall. Again.
Arguably not my best idea because its my right hand and I can’t write now and it’s hard to type with a left hand. Plus I have an exam tomorrow. But the anger bubbles up inside me and I have no where to put it. But it meansΒ  everything is harder for me so sorry if I’m slow with returning communication.

I was told to keep it elevated, iced for two days and should better in a week or two. Which is good because I’ll be okay tomorrow just writing numbers but have an RE mock exam of 12th March which involves a lot of writing. I also have a chance with that exam. To get an A.

So the psychiatrist. We got there and the guy on reception looked at the letter and kept looking and checking and my dad and I knew that the appointment wasn’t there. After being there 25 mins (we had arrived 15 mins early), my dad went to reception and because they couldn’t find it went to get the main secretary person. Our appointment was at 10:30. I went in at 11:10. I’ m pretty sure they just fitted us in.

The psychiatrist recapped last session. Which I never see the point of; hello! I was there I know what happened last time. He asked if anything had changed, I told him how obsessive thinking in mania, sleep. I gave him a moment to write it down. He said “There’s a lot of things going on here. I think I should get an appointment with [forgot their name] who is a specialist in bipolar and psychosis”. He then said he was going to put me on 50mg of sertaline. An antidepressant. Never heard of it before so I googled it ad found that’s trade name is zoloft which I know of.

Esentially I’m playing a game of chance. It’ll either: make depression and suicidial and self harm feelings worse, start a manic episode or work well. Wish me luck. with my hand more than the medication.


16 thoughts on “Psychiatrist appointment.

  1. did he go over the side effects Munchkin? sounds like you googled them, as long as you know what to watch for.

    *good luck* πŸ™‚ *crosses fingers* do you have the sertraline yet?

    oh, is there an appointment with forgotten name yet?

    he is just now realizing that there is a lot going on? *grumbles*

    • I did come across them when googling but I read the leaflet.
      Yes I do but can’t take it till tomorrow because need to take it in the morning, same time everyday.
      Not yet. he’s calling a week friday to see how the sertaline gets on and she’ll either come to my house, school or next appointment.
      Yes, i think the bandage wrist was the proof he needed.

      • kk, I am going to haunt you as you get started with this ok? lots of emails to see how you are doing and lots of answers I hope?

        This is your first with some serious medication. I know what you may go through. I am going to be your shadow. πŸ™‚ (this is when you smile and nod and go yes Amber…. πŸ˜‰ )

        sheish you should have worn a fake cast or something at the first appointment long ago if that got things going.

        *big hugs*
        you be careful and I am waiting for the smile and nod.

        • yes answers. never ignore an email. just takes long to respond at the moment.
          i terms of annoying but okay side effects what’s the top three common side effects? like dry mouth, nausea, things like that.
          i wore a bandage πŸ˜›


          • Dry mouth will, if it effects you that way, be most annoying. Drink water not your purple juice. πŸ˜‰ Keep in mind side effects are different for everyone. I am not going to give you a list, I don’t want to lead you to thinking you are having them. You have googled it so you know what they are. πŸ™‚

            you start in the morning tomorrow?

              • nods, it may bother your tummy and dizzy is possible. Insomnia, not sure it could get worse for you. it may induce mania, I want to watch for that, and the thoughts it could bring on, I want you to tell me, please, if this happens.

                watch for a change in your heart beat. So tell your Dad if anything changes, not just with your heart, you can ask me too if you think anything seems different and I can advise or comfort you, but if it is something that seems big, tell Dad right away ok?

                for the most part every thing should go well Munchkin. It may even give you more sleep.

                • well i dont mind those side effects because im expecting them. Ill watch out for changes in sleep. Yes mania is a big concern but I should be reaching mania soon anyway, like naturally. I don’t know what to do in that situation.

                  So palpitations are a problem too. I will tell my dad and you.

                  Hopefully more sleep but I don’t see it being right first try. How long until this pill starts working?

  2. Yeahh that you went in Munchkin. I am proud of you…I really am.

    As for the meds…I will let Amber lead the topic on that and just take note of things.

    Now…as for your exams…good luck tomorrow….(though really…’just numbers’???? Numbers are YUM!)

    Hugs you …I am glad things are going in a direction now nod nods.

    (I really am proud of you that you went *smiles*)

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