Back to school.

I did go back to school. I didn’t really enjoy it; that was obvious.

The main thing that ruined my day was that I walked in 10 minutes late. A minute or two later this boy walked in behind me. The teacher taking the register is not our normal form tutor, it was like our house captain. She is a bitch. Not because of the way she treated me particularly but when this boy walked in she was talking about lateness which was fair enough because it was a reminder from the prinicpal, she starts directing it at him. Which is fair enough. But she starts going on about HIS particular lateness. That he’s in isolation on Friday because he’s always late. Like she was trying to publicly embarrass him but no one thought bad of him. We all thought she was a bitch for doing it. At the end she calls me back and says that I was late 3 times the week before half term and that it’s “not on” and that if getting across campus was difficult for me, come earlier. I think she means panic attackwise but I didnt have the heart or the patience to argue with her so I just said “yep” whilst rolling my eyes. It was more the way she spoke down to me than anything. I just thought as I was walking out “why the hell did I come back here?” which is not exactly what I need to think before walking into school.

But that’s how my day started it off, it did get better but my mood didn’t.

I went to the doctors and I hate the doctors. Just the waiting area and such, the whole place fills me with anxiety. I don’t mind the dentist but I hate the doctors and just really any other medical place. Everytime I walk in he says “you look better today” and it’s sort of the way he says it that annoys me. Like I should be better because I look it. Anyway, he said that my dizziness was ear related and said I had fluid behind the ear drum or in the ear drum and debris had form somewhere… I was listening, I just can’t remember. But the bottom line is that it takes four weeks to go away, I should becareful of doing anything because I could faint from dizziness at at moment so I shouldnt cross roads alone. But it goes away by itself. It’s caused by a viral infection and he asked whether I had a cold, I hadn’t.

The dentist said that it was my old gum problem where they get inflammed. But different side now so that’s new and he gave me amoxcillin and it should clear up by 7 days end.


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