How I am doing 1 hour after I started.

  1. Biology six marker.  This is now off my list because I can’t find the sheet.
  2. Biology quiz  What quiz I am supposed to do is on said sheet and I can’t find it.
  3. Organsing RE folder.    3 and 4 are next on my list of things to do.
  4. Writing up notes.
  5. Catch up on emails, texts and messages.  Done.
  6. Watch Ghost Whisper Season 2
  7. Have an hour calming down from the crying I do when watching Ghost Whisper.
  8. Read Saint Jude.
  9. If it’s not morning by now then I am seriously questioning time.
  10. Whilst doing all of that try to keep a grip on reality and not let depersonalisation take you.

You don’t get this sort of up to date blogging anywhere else 😉


4 thoughts on “How I am doing 1 hour after I started.

    • I write book reviews on another blog 🙂

      No, I figured it was either in my biology folder or history folder because I have history after biology but it wasn’t so I emptied my bag wasn’t there either. No idea where it has gone.

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