Quick message.

Don’t worry, I realised a fatal flaw in the plan to stay off school. I’d be home with my dad so that might just make my mental state worse. Yes, the bed would be nice. Catching up on work and just generally feeling better mentally would be nice. But I think it’s just easier for everyone except me if I keep going to school, burn out and do something I’ll most likely regret. Why am I posting this? Well I realised that if I stayed home I’d get no end of quips, comments and being blackmailed from my dad. Plus I’d disappoint a lot of people.


4 thoughts on “Quick message.

  1. there are times you do the right things for the wrong reasons.

    Once again though, hang in there Munchkin. 🙂

    I think if you stayed home, your depression would deepen. Other things too, would become stronger, those thoughts. It is good to get out and see other people, even if tasking.

    *big hugs*

    • It wouldn’t deepen anymore than it usually does and every weekend I always feel less depressed. I have a week off this week and if I feel less depressed for the most part of this week. I know school will just be a trigger. But I haven’t really got a choice anymore. Its hell either way.

  2. *hugs you too Purple One* ….you do know that the mum-nagging side of me has held her tongue right?

    But …. as for the week off … what will you do? Do you get out a little? (Sometimes just walking out in the sun is good nod nods…and yesss….this time of year the sun seems soooooo hard to come by …. but it comes through even on cloudy days *smiles*)

    Ohh … you can experiement with the toaster and make foods on it’s side!

    • The week off is allowed. it’s half term for us. No one (at least in my area) is at school. I don’t get out in the holidays. I go out maybe twice a week if depressed and that’s only for shopping. Not around here the sun doesn’t come out.

      Haha, good idea. but I think I’m just going to stick to my bed and my laptop. A lot safer here. *nods knowingly*

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