I have headaches and bad luck.

I was tying up my hair a moment ago and in the process hurt my infected ears and made the burn on my hand bleed because I scratched the nail across it while tying up my hair. So now I have a plaster on it. It hurts. Which really just sums up a lot. It’s never good when I move at all. Lying down is safest (Rifftrax reference for you there).

I have headaches and bad luck (A FOB reference for you but) entirely accurate of my life at the moment. A migraine and bad luck and possibly a motive to murder.”Why did you kill your older brother, Miss?”
“Because he kept saying he had and hadn’t sorted out his phone and so I got the website and even made a screen shot showing him what to do and he then said it was sorted and then asked me a question about a thing I told him at the beginning” she replied.

I only mention it because my migraine is worse because of him. I don’t blame him. I just wish my dad wouldn’t positively discriminate. Just because he’s in a wheelchair doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be able to threaten to kill him when he wastes my time. I do it with all my brothers. If we want equality then we should allow them to be threatened for wasting people’s time. As much as this sitaution may sound silly, the point remains valid.

You ever have one of those weeks where a joke gets out of hand and you didn’t even instigate the joke but you still feel guilty?

A few days ago at lunch I think it was, SK came downstairs and all the chairs around the table were full but there was one under the stairs so she just says generally to everyone standing up “can you get my chair please?” and AY who was near putting on her make up went to get it and when she turned her back and HMS took her make up bag and threw it towards MU and JK and MU hid it in her bag. Hiding people’s stuff is something that’s always been considered a joke so AS and I played along so when AY realised her make up was gone and asked everyone we said we had no knowledge as to it’s whereabouts. But MU was the most likely out of all us to have taken it even if she didn’t technically take it. So AY and MU got into an argument and SK kept annoyingly reasserting she did nothing wrong. She wasn’t involved but even AS and I who saw what happened weren’t as annoying as her. MU finally said “IT’S PROBABLY IN THE BATHROOM!” so SK said “I bet she put it in the bathroom” and AY went to the bathroom. When she did, MU took out the make up and threw it to JK who was sitting beside her and JK threw it back to her and by this time AY was coming back so MU just threw it. It hit a wall. The make up bag was open. The rest of us pulled out of the joke. AY picked it up and walked off. HMS admitted what she had done and AY was upset, she walked off. Later we heard she was crying. My reaction was to feel suicidally guilty, the friends involved didn’t care and called her a drama queen.

Which fast forward to history today.
AY: I’m not looking forward to lunch. I hate [MU] and [SK].Me: Because of the whole… thing?
AY: Just hate them.
AY: Is [HA] on our lunch?
Me: i don’t know.
AY: Will you be with [JLS]?
Me: She’s not on our lunch.
AY: ohhh.

I feel really bad for her.

My dad wants me to go to the doctors about the infection in my ear piercings. I wasn’t going to. But whilst looking up about ear piercing infections I read about toxic shock syndrome and septimus (something like that) and scared myself. I have bad luck. Look it says it right there in the title ^^ I have that sort of luck that I would have a spreading infection.


6 thoughts on “I have headaches and bad luck.

  1. The ‘mom’ in me is hoping that you and your friends spoke and are not upset at one another anymore.

    And the ‘mom’ in me is also siding with Amber and saying, “GO to the doctor. NOW.” *and gives you a stern look … but not stern like I am mad…more…stern because I want you to get better.*

    • Well I’m not actually upset at anyone. Too much effort wasted on unnecessary emotions. If someone annoys me I just won’t talk to them until they either make it up to me or we just drift apart. As for my friends making up with one another. Too much stuff has gone down. It was just the straw that broke the camels back. I’m not going to get involved because again too much energy wasted on something that is none of my business. It’s teenage girls. What does anyone expect?

      I said I would go if the infection cleared up. I’ve been cleaning it and left the earrings out and it seems to be healing fine. See how it goes over the weekend.

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