Do you know your limitations? It’s possible you know some of them. It’s possible you know a lot of them. But how much do you adhere to them? There are some limitiations that should be broken and we should break them like in Run Fatboy Run when Dennis hits the metaphorical wall that would be his limit but he keeps running and obviously he needed to break that limitation because for one, if he didn’t it would have bee a crappy movie. But also it was an underdog story of hope. If you are found in a situation like that smash that limit.

However, there are some limitations we try to break but we can’t at least not without help.. Like today, I went into a crowd because I thought “I can do this, I’m not a baby. I can get over this” and I do this a lot. So I have the beginnings on a panic attack but due to supression from diazepam and breathing techniques it doesn’t turn into a full one and I just feel ill and I know the remedy: sleep or a full panic attack. So later on, I see a crowd. I again think “I can do this. I can. I’m not pathetic”  but another half panic attack starts and then people ask if I’m okay and I say I am because I can get over it, right? Well, I can but not without psychological and probably medicinal help. So trying to smash a limitation I have just like that with no help isn’t possibe. What I’m trying to say is yes majority of limitations can be overcome but not without help. If you’re a male gay couple and you want a baby, you have to get a lady to carry the baby. So it’s achievable with help. Having a broken back resulting in your legs being paralysed, you can drive but not without a special hand gizmo. Achievable with help.

The point of this blog is to say yes we can overcome our limitations such as triggers but not without help and the only way you’re going to start helping yourself is by firstly accepting those limitations because no one can help you until you do.


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