What goes up does not necessarily go down

It’s the 2nd January now and I guarantee that one of the first mistakes you’ll all make is writing 2012 instead of 2013 and having to change the two to an oddly shaped 3.

I’ve started reading lesuirely again. Probably because I spend all day in bed and have the energy when I go to school I probably won’t be reading as lesuirely. I mean really if I’m going to read I should reread “Of Mice and Men” since that is what the exam is about but after going over it so many time and analysing it in such small detail I find it boring. But I will probably reread it. It is a short book and I’ve read 500 pages in one night, what’s another book?

My dad tried driving again yesterday because his eye sight dramatically improved on Sunday. Now he’s annoyed because the other eye due to the cataracts sees darker than it should but he’s getting it done in Easter so that’s good news because after that his eye sight should be good although speaking of glasses. I think I remembered one of the many reasons I stopped reading for pleasure. As I am so tired reading strains my eyes, cauing a headaches and so I have to wear my glasses. I have two pairs. I have an old pair just for reading but when I wet back she gave me long distance and short distance combined in one pair and the reason I don’t wear them is because whilst they’re perfectly fine for reading I can’t see long distance with them so I have to go back to the optitions but it’ll look good if I walk in asking for an eye test and my dad’s the one wearing a patch.

My dad’s going to have a serious talk to me about going to the doctors for my rash and I wasn’t going to take him up on it because they seemed to be going down and no more appeared but I thought with my inner monologue too soon because more appeared and I have been a lot more itchy so after some momentary cursing, I concided to talk about going. I know it’s irresponsible not to go and I know from past experience that putting going off for something doesn’t bode well for me. But and call me a childish girl if you want. Like a lot og girls I’m insecure about my body and I don’t really want to show my stomach or my legs especially as it means primping and I can’t even show the one on my wrist because I self harm there and that’s the last thing I want is to show a doctor that and if I have to throw a tantrum to not have to take my top off than I will ad if they put it down to bipolar or whatever mental illness I have – fine.

Another CAMHS appointment came in the post but we have to reschedule it because it’s for 3pm and by the time we get out it’ll be dark and my dad can’t see. Which means I get some time off school but I can’t really miss anymore of history so that leaves out Thursday and Friday. I personally think English is a best bet becase I’ve done enough English prep to last me a life time; yet I picked it for A level. Which shows you how much I think.


15 thoughts on “What goes up does not necessarily go down

  1. Hey Munchkin. Happy New Year, now that it is soundly here. πŸ™‚

    I am happy your Dads eyes are getting better, that is great news. Now you know what I would say about your rash… so I won’t nag, you know what is best. Not what you want, but what is best. I know it will be tense.. bites my tongue before it is a nag. giggles.

  2. 2013 … that WILL be hard to get used to in the next few weeks Purple One…nod nods…but like all things, we adapt yes?

    Sooo…speaking of adapting … your dad will too I hope with the eye sight thing. As for you … WEAR your glasses…and use GOOD light. That will hopefully help with your headaches? (Yes…I am being naggy mom mode Katie! But….LISTEN to me damn it lol.)

    Also … go to the doctor … I know its a hard thing … but try not to put it off…and any chance you get to talk to your dad is good I think.

    I know I don’t know a lot about what you are going through … maybe sometimes I just have to give a hug …so…*HUUGGSS*

    • We do. I just enjoy that for a few weeks (and in some people’s cases, including mine, months) there are oddly shaped 3’s in people’s books.

      Well he probably definitely won’t go blind since his eye sight has dramatically improved. Well with the eye strain headaches, sometimes I just get migraines from concentrating too much. I do wear my glasses just not all the time because I seldom have them on me.

      My dad knows I need to go because I told him but he thinks having a chat will change my stubborn attitude. He’ll probably forget. I’m not too fussed about going anyway. From a quick internet search it’s nothing major. I have my suspicions on what is the inital cause of it.

      Thanks for the hugs πŸ™‚ *hugs back*

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