Ear infections.

How have I not outgrown ear infections yet? I haven’t had on in at least 7 years, probably closer to 9 years. But I am in pain, I have a temperature and am crying on and off because I’m a baby and in pain.

I’ve been meaning to do a sciency blog because I haven’t done one in a while because I’ve been too darn ill. I will get around to it. I also have school work to do because I have a two hour exam on the day after we go back in the afternoon and then the day after (which will be a Thursday) in the morning another two hour exam. I also have an RE topic test to revise for. I do hate the English examination system. But luckily in A levels it changes and we all sit all our exams  in the Summer. But luckily I get a nine week summer holiday next year because we don’t come in once exams are finished so I need to make sure I finish all my health coursework or I’ll just be coming in for that.

My dad is seeing floaters again and I can’t find any definitive research as to why that would be but it could mean he’d be more surgery but if it means he’s going to go blind then I won’t just have to stop myself from commiting suicide, I’ll have to stop him too. So essentially this Christmas has sucked quite a bit. I usually don’t put a downer on Christmas and will try to see the bright side on holidays but between illnesses, ailments, lack of decorations, lack of presents, lack of people, it hasn’t been brilliant but hopefully when my dad goes to his appointment tomorrow, they will tell him he is fine and that the floaters are nothing to worry about.

Due to the fact my dad can’t see, my dad had to cancel the CAMHS appointment which sucks because I’d of liked to turn the tables and completely control the conversation. I may be depressed but I’m very irritable so it would have been perfect. But hey-ho. We can’t have everything. Apparently the way to reschedule the appointment is to wait for them to just send a letter. Please don’t let it be during the times I have my exams otherwise we just have to reschedule again. I think I’m talking to myself now.

I just wanted to update you on current affairs. Hope everything is well your end.


12 thoughts on “Ear infections.

  1. Hey Munchkin.

    The floaters may be some residue from the surgery, it is common to have lots of them. It may actually be a good sign, He probably had them before but didnt notice them, now his vision may be improving and they are showing up. So tell him after surgery it is common to have floaters. Lots of them, But they will likely go away. But again.. he should have his eye doc have a look at them to be sure it isnt a tear in the retina. eeeps, just when i calm you down I give you something to worry about.

    are you taking Tylenol? It will help with the pain and to lower the fever too. Do you have some meds for your ears? you cant put that off long if you don’t.

    *big hugs*

    • I told him that to comfort him but he had 3 different surgeries so it makes sense to have them. He just got his retina reattached so if it’s a tear I will be angry 😛 But I’m sure he’s fine. he has a check up tomorrow.

      I don’t think we have tylenol as a brand here. If we do it’s not common. Kids have calpol. Adults have ibrofen so I have the latter. No I need to go doctors, again for my ears. I’ll have to find a way there myself.

  2. oh good, a check up is a good eyedea….. omg.. a pun. *giggles*

    it really is normal for floaters after the surgery though.

    yup, for your ears too, don’t put it off please. Ear infections that cause a fever need immediate attention Munchkin

  3. Ahh ..hugsss …I have just recently gotten back oh Purple One *hugs*

    Ok … so ear thingy … I am SURE it is not the same … but my daughter use to get them when she went swimming (ear aches, etc.) … and if you do not take care of it, it can get infected? But that might just be with water….so….ADDS my pushy stern mom look along with Ambers. Go see the doctor !!!

    Now … tries to think of a pun too … but I cannot … but it would be an endEARing thing if I could!

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