Another update.

Dad is back from the hospital, he’s well. Has to go back tomorrow for a check up. He has 4 different drops. The procedure took longer than expected due to the 3 (instead of 1) scars on his eye balls, plus the cataracts took longer than they thought to get off. He was only supposed to be in the operating place for 1 hr and a half but he was there for 2 hours 20, so he felt it and instead of telling them he just left it. I was shocked when he told me that. Whether the operation worked is a game of time, but hopefully his sight will be fine.


4 thoughts on “Another update.

    • He can’t move out of a bent position for 4 days. Well he has to stay in that position for 45mins every hour and then can walk for 15mins. No, the limit outlined by the doctors was 20 pounds but he won’t be doing anything anyway.

      I am going to have to. That’ll be fun… I’ll freak out because of the discharge and blood (I wouldn’t usually but the eye is just a sensitive area). He’ll fidget because he hates them. I have to get out of my bed at 7:05am to help. I don’t mind. Just depression makes it hard.

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