Update on the dad situation.

My dad went to the GP and they did fit him in. They did checked his blood pressure which is 120/80 which is exactly perfect as it’s betwen low and high. Low being 100/80 and high being 140/80. If anyone wants to know, mine is 113/80 most of the time. Anyway, so then the doctor looked in his eye and the left eye (I think that’s the good one) is fine and the bad one (the right I think) isn’t so good, the doctor couldn’t see the back of the eye so told my dad to go to A and E, eye doctor thing. Due to the fact they put drops in your eyes to dilate the pupils, he wouldn’t be able to see so he had to get a taxi there and back. He’s still going, but it’s like A and E so it’s a long wait however, it is almost 3pm on a Wednesday afternoon so I doubt there is the queue you have on Friday, Saturday and sometimes Sunday night. Word of warning, don’t go to A and E on Christmas. Too many queues and ill people. But he should be okay, hopefully.


2 thoughts on “Update on the dad situation.

  1. Good news with his left eye Munchkin. 🙂

    Very good news with his BP too, and yours, though I would love to see readings through your various stages.

    *hugs* Have my fingers crossed there will be good news with his right eye too.

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